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Pre-Learning - Prepare yourself for our Time Together This Tuesday

If you enjoyed the video on the Creed last week, please visit Dr. Sri's website to learn more about him and his teaching.

Download a copy of our RCIA Lenten, Holy Week, and Easter Events 2017 Booklet.

Right now

Father Larry put it so beautifully when he said, we can think of our Blessed Mother and the Saints providing inspiration and intercession for us. Let's continue our search for those Saints who touch our hearts. Below are some ways to get started.

FORMED has many wonderful movies about the Saints.

Access Formed:

  1. Go to: https:/formed.org/home?code=KNJDFW
  2. Create your account. (middle of the home page)
  3. Returning users, log in top right with your username/ email and password.
  4. You're in! Start watching, listening and reading.

Peruse Fr. Alban Butler's Lives of the Saints. Click the button below to access a PDF of the book.

Important dates...

Download an updated calendar to keep up-to-date! Find it here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Byw46eJYvIfnSDBCZnY5VG1iWE0

For our Catholic brothers and sisters...

Confession Times at St. Francis: Saturday 3:30-4:45pm; Thursday 6:00-7:00pm; By Appointment (972) 712-2645

Watch Forgiven on Formed; a beautiful program on the Sacrament of Reconciliation. See directions on this page for accessing the Formed website.

Heading to Confession? Use this resource to help you prepare!

On the horizon...
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