The Beautiful Game Cavan Fernandes


More than 265 million people play soccer worldwide. Only 13 million of those people are American. People in this country don’t know how fun the real “football”can actually be. Soccer is the best sport in the world. It’s full of passion, it has an amazing history, and it has fluidity in play.


The simplicity of soccer means that historians found early traces of similar forms of the game being played as early as the 2nd and 3rd century BC in China. It was during the Han dynasty that people would dribble with leather balls and kick them into small nets. It was also reported that the Romans and Greeks would kick the ball for fun, and in Kyoto, where kicking the ball was a popular sport. The history of the modern game is a little more recent yet still historic. The evolution of soccer as we’ve come to know it today should rightly be given to Britain. It was in 1863 that the Football Association was established and legitimate rules were applied to the game.

Love & Passion

In soccer, passion is everywhere. It engulfs you and surrounds you. It’s seen at the park next door, when someone scores the winning goal, it’s seen in leagues everywhere, and it’s seen at the biggest stage as well. Soccer burns a fiery heart in people’s souls that they can’t get enough of. There’s no sport quite like it. That’s what passion does. It brings people together and lets them enjoy the sport they love. You feel the passion in your veins when you play and watch the game, when you watch Camp Nou bowing to Messi after scoring a spectacular goal, or when the Bernabeu salutes Ronaldo after yet another hat-trick. In soccer, passion is synonymous with the game.


Let’s be honest folks, unless it’s Super Bowl Sunday, we pretty much all hate commercials. So much so that we incessantly flip through channels for the two minutes of pain we must endure before watching whatever it was we were watching. In the NFL, a game is said to last on average 3 hours and 12 minutes. In that span, it is said that the ball is only in play for an average 11 minutes, the rest littered with commercials and stoppages. Sports like hockey and basketball have a similar fate. Baseball, in general, is just a slow game. Soccer is the only sport where the clock will run no matter what the issue. Where a foul is settled by letting the other team have the ball and letting play continue. There are no commercial breaks other than on the 15-minute halftime, and whatever time was wasted during the game is added on at the end of every half. Soccer’s fluidity and lack of stoppages give them an important edge compared to other sports.


A passionate commentator explains the spirit of soccer, alludes to the roar of the crowd and the noise of the people. What a skilled player can do with the ball is unthinkable, impossible, making it all the more beautiful. A succession of passes leading to an easy goal is beautiful; everything about the game is simply beautiful. But what really makes it the beautiful game is the fact that it takes people from thousands of different countries, cultures, and dialects, and brings them together under one simple language: soccer.

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