AL CAPONE DOES MY SHIRT A story about alcatraz

This is Alcatraz the island that the prison is on.
This is Al Capone

Al Capone was a bad man.When he was alive they took him to a prison called Alcatraz.Alcatraz is also a island that people live on. Natalie and Moose live on this island with there mom and there dad. There dad also works on Alcatraz,he works on the electric at the prison.

The summary of this story is Moose and Natalie move to Alcatraz with parents. They move there because there dad got a job there to be the electrician. Moose did not want to move to Alcatraz because it is creepy cause of the prison.Anyway back to the story Moose slept with a baseball bat and his shoes on. A little far into the story moose met the warden and his daughter Piper. Piper goes to a school and the Warden ask if moose wants to go.So Moose is now going to a new school and Moose's sister is also going to a new school.Natalie is getting kicked out of her school because she is special. Sometimes she can't control herself.Back to Piper she is a little brat sometimes well pretty much the whole time.Moose loves baseball and when he was playing catch with some girl and he thought her legs were as fat a two jiggly watermelons.


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