Mumbai India to Penzance UK.

With Sarah: Penlee Cluster Churches Indian visitors.

Mumbai traffic

No matter how prepared you are for a journey, it always manages to keep some surprises in store for you. I believe these mysteries make it more mystical and therefore, enjoyable. Ashish and I echo these feelings when it comes to our stay here in Penzance.

The beauty in and around this place is astounding, and we are yet to discover a lot still! And although the weather has been kind of chilly for us, coming from a tropical climatic condition back in India, we feel extremely grateful and warm because of the love and care that has been showered upon us by so many people here!

Also - an open secret now: I have fallen for English food as well. Love Pasty, Shepherd’s Pie and Rhubarb Crumble. 😁

Hope to learn more and impress my folks back home with these! 😎

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