Long Days

The Tears In Cupid's Eyes

The day u chose 2 leave me

u rained constantly outside

In truth I swore the rain 2 be

The tears in Cupid's eyes

This poem fits my focus because i have had personal experiences dealing with the topic of people constantly leaving my life. Especially people that are a big impact in my life and have a major influence in my life.

The Power of a Smile

The power of a gun can kill, and the power of fire can burn

The power of wind can chill, and the power of mind can learn

The power of anger, can raise inside until it tears you apart

But the power of a smile, especially yours, can heal a frozen heart

I choose this poem because their is nothing wrong with being happy and smiling. A smile could be the cure to somebodies day.

Life Through My Eyes

life through my bloodshot eyes

would scare a square to death

poverty, murder, violence

and never a moment to rest

fun and games are few

but tresured like gold to me

only cause i realize that i have to return to my poverty

but do not forget that my soul will not exist

unless my destiny comes through

and puts an end to all this

I wanted to use this poem because it represents hard times. You never know what somebody goes through in a day or what they have seen or experienced.

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