Los Angeles,California

The flight for DFW to LAX can cost from $187 to $323.The best ones are Delta and American Airlines,which have the best service and reviews.I will be choosing United due to it being less costly and having a decent experience.The total cost for this trip would be $3450.
The food is very diverse and it offers many options.It is influenced by different cultures and is mixed with others too.You can find any kind of food at restaurants with high ratings.One of the places I will be eating at is at Komodo and LocoL as they are 5-star restaurants.
The Four Seasons hotel will be the hotel I will stay at.It is a 5-star hotel located in Beverly Hills.The rooms have free wifi,great views,and excellent service.All reviews say something positive about this hotel and its features.The pool and the breakfast room are available early in the morning and it has great food.
One of the most popular attractions is Disneyland.It receives many visitors daily and it is a memorable spot to be at.Another good one would be Universal Studios.It is similar to Disneyland and it is has some of the best rides you can find there.
The average high temperature in Los Angeles is 84 degrees.It can occasionally rain,but it is mostly clear and warm.The best clothing to bring are shorts,t-shirts,light sweaters,and sunglasses if needed.
The transportation system I will be using is the LA public transit.It is a reliable way to get around the districts and it cost under $30.The metro is an optional way too and it is one of the best ones in the country.
Santa Monica Pier is filled with games and prizes.The iconic ferris wheel and the treats are one of the most fun things to do.The Hollywood Bowl is a spot to relax outside with live performances and to hold picnics with other people.
Los Angeles was founded in 1781 as a small Mexican town. Since joining The United States along with the construction of railroads,the population boomed. Immigrants from Mexico and Asia now influence the culture heavily.


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