Love conquers pride and prejudice By: Karen Salas

Spoken word poem

Love is a very delicate word. On word that can make the heart jump. One word that can heal a broken heart. One word that can accomplish world peace.

Oh how delicate this word is. Once taken away from ones body, sorrow and sadness fill the heart. Love can break and heal; such a powerful art.

It can overcome those cold filled prejudice hearts and make their vision more clearer. Oh how love is feared.

But fear not because it is the greatest thing ever.


Mr. Darcy said the Elizabeth's sister, Jane, is the most beautiful person in the ballroom yet he fell in love with Elizabeth .. what happen to your prejudice thoughts Mr. Darcy *sips tea*

Instagram Post

Karennrox_: I love this quote so much because Mr. Darcy reveals that Elizabeth changed his stone cold heart into a warm heart filled with love.!! I knew they would fall in love because opposites attract and Mr. Darcy did stand a chance because Elizabeth's kind heart broke his strong serious character! <3 #loveconquerspride #loveconqvuersprejudice #Elizabeth&Mr.Darcy #PrideandPrejudice

Diary Entry

Dear diary, it's Elizabeth again. I am completely in love with Mr. Darcy. He is the most kind, most loving person on this planet. I love him with all that I am. I cannot spend another day without him I desperately need him in my life. I know my family does not approve because of the way he is and I know Wickham could give me a richer life but I love Mr. Darcy. He is everything I want in a man. I used to think that he was a snob who thought that he was all that because I heard him speak his opinion about me but love changed my heart. Love changed his heart too. Our social classes might be different, but our feelings for one another are mutual. We are going to be together no matter what because we are meant to be with one another. Oh my, I sound so in love,but that is because I am! I will forever be in love with Mr. Darcy for the rest of my life because I know he will always treat me like his queen. I love you Fitzwilliam Darcy. -Love, Lizzie <3


The message behind my portfolio is that “Love conquers pride and prejudice”. All of my pieces send this message by reflecting that both their hearts were filled with prejudice thoughts about one another, yet they still fell in love because love conquered both Elizabeth's pride and Mr. Darcy's prejudice.

The intended audience for this piece is for ages from 18 and up. It reveals that anyone can fall in love because love is that strong. I accommodated the audience's needs and expectations by making the message very easy to understand. Before, the text used to be very difficult to understand because the text was very complex and contained very high level vocab to understand. Therefore, i made my poem simple and easy to understand. I met the requirements by making a small poem and including my message in the poem.

The intended audience for this meme is anyone. This meme’s intention is to make everyone laugh because of the irony between the texts. Just by using this picture of kermit the frog, they understand that this is a funny meme. I have met the requirements because it related to my message by revealing that Mr. Darcy thought that he was better than Lizzie yet he still fell in love.

The intended audience is for everyone because it is a quote that Mr. Darcy said this quote reveals that he fell hard for Elizabeth because of her kind heart. She broke his cold heart and made it all warm and sweet. I accommodated this to make it understandable to the audience that Mr. Darcy fell for Elizabeth, even though he thought he was better. I meat the style for the genre because I incorporated my message in the quote descriptions and revealed why it matches.

The intended audience for the diary is for any girl who can relate to this piece. Elizabeth’s feelings can be mutual to many of the firl. Therefore, I accommodated many of the girls personal experiences to my last piece. Yes, I met the requirements because it matches all the descriptions and describes why she fell in love and incorporates the message.

In conclusion, I learned that some texts go beyond their actual meaning. Every texts has a different meaning. Therefore, this supports my further reading by stating that every texts reveals a different story.

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Karen Salas


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