The Persistence of Caste Despite Its Illegality By Jonas jacobson

I investigated the persistence of the caste system despite its illegality. While I was researching this topic I wanted to figure the motive, where the law was most commonly being abused, and how people were attempting to violate this rule. I also investigated how caste discrimination was still evident and who was trying to fix this problem.

In my research I found the types of people who were protesting, how many people who are being discriminated against, the solution to the problem, the complex aspects of abolishing the system, and the discrimation within the schools and education. The types of people that I found protesting were most commonly depicted as the "Dalit" caste or the "Untouchables". These people make up the minority of the caste system (165 million) and are treated without respect and are degraded. The solution to this horrific problem is to abolish the reservation system which reserves a majority of control in the government to the "upper castes." Another solution is to remove politics from institutions of learning. Also, a huge factor into fixing this problem is to invest in equal schools and reform the infrastructure of education. Another education problem is that scholarships are given to the lower caste students because they are depicted as been the lower class, but in fact some of the upper caste students need scholarships as well and are expected to preform better than the lower caste students.

If I were to ask new questions based on my research, I would try to find some articles on the perspective of the different types of people (jobs, wealth, "caste", etc.) For example, I would like to find the different opinions from the highest caste (wealthy and un wealthy) and the lowest caste wealthy and un wealthy). I would also like to find the perspectives of people with different types of jobs, to explore the economy based on caste discrimination.

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