Destination Weddings great destinations and Venues In the Caribbean and North America

Destination weddings provide couples with the opportunity to treat themselves and guests to an unforgettable event in an incredible locale. A great location holds the promise of a magical atmosphere to the beginning of a marriage, as well as the opportunity to navigate away from the traditional local venues of choice. A destination wedding also often affords the couple an extended time with guests over a multi-day span instead of a few moments with each guest at the reception.

Your choice of destination for your ceremony will naturally be the result of any number of considerations. Your budget, time of year, travel logistics for you and guest will all come to bear on your final selection. However, there is nothing wrong with starting with a bit of inspiration. So to assist you in beginning the destination selection, here are some of the most popular and interesting destination locales to walk down the aisle.

So let's dream a little bit and consider some of the amazing possibilities. This guide will consider some top destinations for weddings in North America and the Caribbean. Here are just a few possibilities for you, but if you don't see a location that strikes your fancy, be in touch with us and we will look far and worldwide for the right location for your destination wedding!

The Caribbean and North America

Where do you and your partner want the nuptials celebrated? Perhaps a Hawaiian beach wedding had always been a fantasy or a castle in England sounds like great imaginative fun. Our travel professionals will work with you to arrive at the perfect destination for you and your spouse-to-be. We will find the perfect venue in your destination and connect you with local wedding planners. We will also work with your guests to assist them to arrive as planned and to enjoy your wedding and the destination you have chosen. Surprisingly, a destination wedding can actually be simpler to plan than a traditional wedding. There tend to be fewer guests and instead of a large number of vendors like florists, photographers, caterers and entertainment, you will often deal with a single on-site wedding planner who will handle all of those details for you.


With its solid tourism infra-structure and large number of all-inclusive properties, Mexico is one of the most popular destination wedding locales. Cancun, Cozumel, Riviera Maya and Los Cabos among many other Mexican destinations all have amazing coast lines and provide great opportunities for beach weddings. Because of the demand for destination weddings at these beach venues, the resorts are very experienced at planning and preparing for every aspect of the experience and most have dedicated wedding planning teams on staff. These getaways are typically same-sex friendly and thus a good choice for gay clientele. Most have excellent accommodations, plenty of on-site dining and night life. Pools, golf courses and sightseeing opportunity can keep guests occupied before and and after the ceremony. We work with every major resort in Mexico and can find just the right venue for you and your spouse to be. Mexico gets extra points for the ease of accessing flights and short travel time to all of its major beach districts from the rest of North America.


What is more romantic than the idea of getting married on the beach with the Caribbean in the background? The varied scenery, amazing food and rich culture distinguish Jamaica as a destination wedding locale. Jamaica oozes culture - you don't have to go looking - it wafts through the air and permeates every aspect of a visit there. The weather is excellent, the population friendly and there are lots of water sports, scenery, museums and day activities to occupy your guests. The island's resorts have great professional wedding planning staff with lots of experience in making your event go off without a hitch.


Most do not realize that Hawaii’s islands span more than 1,500 miles, creating the longest chain of islands in the world. The six major islands are Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, and Hawaii’s Big Island. Each island has its own identity, ambiance, climate and geological features that make it unique.

What’s truly unique about Hawaii, though, is the sheer number of activities available in such an amazingly beautiful setting – the scenery is unmatched and unlike anything in the world. Mountains and beaches, tropical rainforests and snow. Pineapple plantations and volcanoes. Your guests can sit and do nothing, or try just a few of the built-in diversions that nature has given a home here: water sports like surfing, windsurfing, boating, sailing, snorkeling, diving, fishing and kayaking; or try golf, tennis, world-class bicycling, hiking and camping. The near year-round good weather and exquisite beaches make Hawaii one of the most promising locations to exchange your vows.

U.S. Virgin Islands

St Thomas, St John, and St Croix are the biggest and most visited of the 60 islands that make up the US Virigin Islands. Their appeal lies in the amalgamation of the exotic and the recognisable, an island paradise with modern comforts and a balance between Caribbean culture and North American practicality. The energetic capital of Charlotte Amalie and its attractive harbour lies on St Thomas. It is the most Americanised of the chain and is famous for its world-class duty free shopping. Nearby St John is an unspoilt nature lover's paradise, with most of its forests, pristine beaches, and reefs part of a protected national park.

St Croix is the largest of the islands and is fairly remote from the others. Historic remnants are scattered about the landscape, as are the pretty Danish-influenced towns of Frederiksted and Christiansted. Additionally, snorkelling at Buck Island is also an attraction.

Surrounded by the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean, these islands boast some of the most splendid coastlines in the world, with white sandy beaches, astonishing coral reefs, plentiful marine life, secluded coves, and untouched rainforests rising up above the sea-swept landscape. Plenty of water activities to keep your guest entertained and a lively nightlife as well.

Bonus: for US Citizens, no passports required!

St. Lucia

The pristine beaches and emerald waters of St Lucia draw in hordes of visitors every year. The island has earned the title of world's leading honeymoon destination no fewer than eight times, and with good reason. St Lucia is a picture perfect oasis of mountains, rainforest and white sand beaches, perfect for honeymoon couples and families alike. Renowned as the most welcoming island in the Caribbean, St Lucia presents an exciting mix of different cultures with world-class beaches, all-inclusive resorts, hiking, fishing and cuisine.

77 percent of the island is covered in tropical rainforest. If your guests need a change from snorkeling or scuba diving, they can venture inland to hunt for wild orchids and bird life such as the rare St Lucia parrot. St Lucia plays host to numerous visitors seeking out its natural spa. Sulphur Springs owns the strange distinction of being the world's only drive-in volcano. Your guests can drive right to the heart of the volcano, where the mineral rich waters and mud have healing properties.


Aruba is the smallest and most Western island of the Dutch Antilles, which, known locally as the ABCs, also include Bonaire and Curaçao. Aruba is a popular cruise destination, and it's little wonder why. The beaches are so perfect they're almost cliched: miles of white, sandy beaches, turquoise waters and the requisite year-round sun. Visitors arrive on this tiny island each year, enticed by its luxury resorts, first-class restaurants, 24-hour casinos, golf courses, and excellent water sport facilities. Suffice it to say your guests will have plenty to keep them occupied.

Bonus: Aruba, unlike much of the Caribbean and Mexico lies below the hurricane belt and thus is typically less affected by hurricane season!

The variety of possible locations in the Caribbean is a range as sophisticated as Bermuda and Anguilla or as laid back as the Bahamas. There is no shortage of talented wedding planners on any of the Caribbean Islands, so if you want to know of others, just ask us!

Key West

The Conch Republic is a most quirky and wonderful venue for a destination wedding. On the tip of the Florida Keys, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, lies the historic island city of Key West. Situated as it is at the gateway to the Caribbean and in close proximity to Cuba, this island supports a vibrant community and a long seafaring and naval tradition

The streets of Key West are attractions by themselves; buskers providing impromptu entertainment for those at sidewalk cafés or browsing the many stores. Visitors on holiday here flock to 'The Bight', the old harbour, to arrange sea trips for fishing, snorkelling, or diving. Nightlife in Key West starts with sunset drinks on the Mallory Dock, before moving on to areas like Bahama Village, and along Duval Street.The beat goes on in Key West long after the legendary sunsets, with a wide spectrum of bars, taverns, grog-shops and dance clubs partying until the following morning. Just a walk down Duval Street will assail the ears with a variety of music from techno to hip hop and jazz to retro.

Bar Harbor, Maine

OK, we wanted to include a lesser known but wonderful possibility for you. Bar Harbor is a village on Mount Desert Island that's extremely popular with couples looking for a destination wedding in a New England setting. The rugged coast line, rocky cliffs and many lighthouses make for a romantic location for your vows.

With a few interesting museums, parks, and educational centres, the town is the perfect destination for a great weekend getaway in Maine. Popular activities for your guests include golf, whale-watching, sailing, hiking, and kayaking.

The shops and restaurants in Bar Harbor offer excellent selection and quality. Beer aficionados will also enjoy sampling the brews from Bar Harbor's three microbreweries. Bar Harbor is located near Acadia National Park, and makes a great base for exploring the spectacular scenery, especially in autumn.

Bonus: Lobster

Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley

Couples travel from all over the world to be married in wine country. The region has many winery wedding venues and narrowing down your selection from the many possibilities will be a true test of your decision making ability!

The Napa and Sonoma Valleys are at the heart of the Californian wine country, producing wines that are praised by connoisseurs worldwide, from a perfect climate of sunny days and cool nights. The area is a forerunner in the latest grape-growing techniques and wine making, and many individual growers, instead of selling their grapes to the larger wineries, are producing their own excellent boutique wines. Many of the wineries are also prime venues for the destination wedding market.

Your guests will not be at any lack for things to do. The valley also caters to classic wine country activities such as hot air ballooning or biking through the vineyards; the world-renowned wineries also offer informative tours, which provide the ultimate wine-country experience.

These are only a few of the many wonderful destination wedding possibilities in North America and the Caribbean. Our travel specialists look forward to working with you to find the best possible venue for your wedding ceremony!