BARWIS is the worlds leading organization in complete physical training and operates to help each person achieve the maximum potential of their designed natural abilities.

Developed over 25 years by Mike Barwis, one of the worlds top strength and conditioning coaches, BARWIS Methods Training is a holistic and personalized approach that incorporates BARWIS Neurological Reengineering, modern sports science, manual manipulations, biomechanics, psychology, spiritual truth, and individualized, physiologically designed and adapted training cycles.

The BARWIS Methods Training is guided by Wolff's Law, the cutting-edge BARWIS applied scientific techniques, the BARWIS Methods Training core values, and Neurological Reengineering.

Mike Barwis

CEO and Founder of BARWIS

Mike Barwis is the founder and CEO of the BARWIS family of companies, including the BARWIS Methods Training Centers. Mike is currently the Senior Advisor of Strength and Conditioning to the New York Mets and a consultant for the Miami Dolphins. He was formerly the Director of Strength and Conditioning for the University of Michigan where he was directly responsible for the development and implementation of the strength and conditioning programs.

In 2003, Barwis assumed the responsibility for the West Virginia University Mountaineers football program, while maintaining his position with the Olympic Sports. During his tenure at WVU, he designed and implemented programs for all of the Mountaineers 21 varsity sports. His last 5 years at WVU were widely considered to be the golden era in WVU athletics. Barwis has coached 38 National Strength and Conditioning (NSCA) All-Americans and was one of the 10 coaches to receive the Bronze Award from the NSCA Certification Commission. He has trained thousands of professional and Olympic athletes in over 40 sporting events.

In addition, Barwis has been published in numerous journals, magazines, newspapers, written books, and produced several videos. Barwis earned his undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology from the School of Medicine at West Virginia University and his Master's Degree in Athletic Coaching with physiology at Temple University. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist by the NSCA, a Registered Strength and Conditioning Coach Emeritus, BMI as a BARWIS Master Instructor, CPR and AED certified.

Mike has been recognized in this field as one of the most influential strength coaches of all time. Additionally, Mike is the star of the Discovery Channel's hit TV show "American Muscle" which features his work with professional athletes and people with disabilities. Mike has also been featured in many TV, news, radio and internet shows, and is widely recognized as a leading authority on the biomechanics and neuromuscular systems. As a result, Mike has become one of the worlds most desired experts in helping elite athletes prevent and recover from sports-related injuries and surgeries.

As a consultant, Mike helps teams and organizations assess their athletes biomechanics, work with their medical and strength staff to enhance scientific training protocols, and helps design/redesign facility layouts. He also helps eliminate athletic imbalances and assesses soft tissue and neurological issues with athletes. Often, Mike works directly with team owners and General Managers, advising on beneficial high-level organizational adjustments.

Dan Mozes

Vice President and National Director of Performance Training

Dan is the Vice President of and oversees all training with BARWIS. Having been with the company since its origin, Dan has coached side-by-side with Mike Barwis for six years as they trained some of the world's top athletes. Before his role with BARWIS, Dan was at the University of Michigan as a strength coach for both football and hockey.

Prior to his coaching career, Dan was in the NFL for 2 years, playing for the Minnesota Vikings. Dan was a four year starter in college and is considered to be on the greatest lineman to play for West Virginia University, enshrined in the WVU Hall of Fame in 2017. Dan and running back Steve Slaton(whom he blocked for) were the first pair of consensus All-Americans in school history. He won the Rimington Trophy in his senior season, garnering him recognition as the nations best center in the NCAA. Dan was also an Outland Trophy finalist, Lombardi Award semi-finalist, a three-time first-team All Big East selection, Academic All-Americanm a participant in the Senior Bowl, and a member of the fox sports All-Decade Team.

Program Components

Injury Prevention

This program focuses on the strengthening and stabilization of the neck, knee, ankle and shoulder. A stable and effectively functioning joint allows for optimum power output, which increases performance while decreasing the risk of common injuries.

Speed Training

This program provides a proper speed training progression that consists of running mechanics and technique drills. The cycles will encompass resistive running drills, free running for acceleration and top-end speed, and over-speed drills that will focus on neural impulse speed and physiological adaptation.

Weight Training

Using a completely scientific approach to weight training progression, a cycle will be designed to meet your needs. For example, a Hypertrophy phase will increase cross sectional area of the muscle. A Maximum Strength phase will increase recruitment and strength of the muscle. The Power Transfer phase will help those who wish to increase the pure speed of their actions and the Competition phase will increase your strength, power, size and speed through the season.

Program Components

Cardiovascular Training

Looking to improve your endurance game or just trying to lose some excess weight? We will tailor a cardiovascular program to meet your needs. Designed using bioenergetics, your program will enable efficient use of the phosphagen, glycolytic, and oxidative systems to elicit ideal physiological adaption.

Agility Training

Are you trying to develop your on-ice quickness? This cycle specifically focuses on the central nervous system to enhance change of direction, acceleration, and deceleration, while providing you with the proper progression of drills based on your sport, position and level of training.

Core Strength

A strong core is an extremely important characteristic of any athlete. It is the center for most body movements, allowing effective transfer of power from upper and lower extremities and is necessary for increasing your speed, agility, overall strength explosiveness, and coordination.

Balance and Functional Training

Improve your kinesthetic awareness (knowledge of body position in three-dimensional space). This program utilizes all of the body's proprioceptors to enhance performance on the ice or during activities of daily living. The cycle includes a vast array of exercises to accommodate for all levels of training and remove any form of program stagnation.

Plyometric, Explosive Impulse Training

If you want to increase your power and explosiveness, this cycle is for you! These exercises teach the body to utilize the elastic principles of the muscles and increase neural impulse speed through trained activation; this occurs all while reducing the risk of soft-tissue injury. Includes training for the upper and lower body.


Our training cycles transcend all aspects of physiological development. Our customized training includes the following components: speed & agility, weight training, cardiovascular training, core strength, balance and functional training, functional flexibility, plyometric and explosive impulse training and injury prevention. All these dimensions of training are adapted and phased regularly for the individual athletes needs and the demands of his/her specific sport and role. Through the development of these areas and tailored adaptive training cycles for the individual based on age, sport, position, goals, and more, we are able to improve power, force, acceleration, deceleration, mobility, top speed, explosiveness, reaction, conditioning, balance, core stability, speed & agility, confidence, mental toughness, good nutrition habits, kinesthetic awareness and proprioception.



Dan Mozes, Vice President

Email: dmozes@barwismethods.com

Cell: 412-780-5365

BARWIS has been featured in:
Neurological Reengineering is the process of implementing the cutting-edge BARWIS applied Scientific Techniques and BARWIS Methods Training to increase a persons neuromuscular activation and control. This is the core of the injury recovery programs provided by BARWIS Methods Performance Training Centers where they help the brain relocate, activate, and control muscle fibers. Their strength coaches are hands-on and provide applied methods of reestablishing and creating pathways to increase neural stimulus and motor control.
BARWIS Physical Therapy clients will receive 1-on-1, 60-minute, physical therapy sessions with a licensed Physical Therapist while having full access to BARWIS Methods Performance Training Centers throughout the time of treatment. BARWIS Physical Therapy will provide true transition programs, providing long-term access to BARWIS Methods Performance Training Centers and progressive programming for your performance and wellness goals. Whatever your physical therapy needs may be, our licensed physical therapist are able to help you. Utilizing traditional techniques as well as modalities that are a part of the BARWIS Methods, our physical therapist specialize in Common Sports Injuries, Orthopedic Injuries, Post-surgical Rehabilitation, Concussion Treatments and more!
BARWIS Nutrition is a complete line of professional grade supplemental nutrition designed to optimize the performance of the worlds top athletes. Mike Barwis cut no corners in delecting the most powerful and effective ingredients to deliver the results that his professional clients, and their organizations demand.

Through 25 years of unparalleled experience training Olympic and professional athletes, Mike and his team learned that elite sports performance begins and ends with rigorous attention to nutrition. Decades of researching the best and worst products on the market pushed Mike to develop an effective, cohesive line for his athletes. He's now made this available to everyone who takes their training seriously.

Until now, there have been no 100% safe, pharmaceutical grade, and third-party certified, sports nutrition products available. All of BARWIS Nutrition formulas have been verified by NSF certified laboratories and competition.


HALO Sport, the first product from HALO Neuroscience, applies the science of neurostimulation to athletic training. Designed to integrate seamlessly into a workout, HALO Sport stimulates the brain's motor cortex during training to accelerate improvements in strength, skill acquisition and explosiveness. This scientific process is called Neuropriming. In essence, pairing HALO Sport with training makes practice more productive for athletes.


Pneumatic belts are placed on the upper arms or upper legs at a controlled pressure that is safe for the user. The moderation of blood flow leads to an engorgement of blood in the arms or legs and allow the user exercise more efficiently and effectively. Restricting blood flow also leads to lactic acid being retained longer in the areas being restricted. This causes signals to be sent to the brain which in turn sends signals to release large amounts of human growth hormone(HGH) which is very potent and powerful tool for recovery.


During RENEW ECP Therapy, a technician wraps inflatable cuffs (similar to blood pressure cuffs) around your calves, thighs and hips. The cuffs are timed to inflate and deflate between heartbeats. The external counter-pulsation process delivers more oxygenated blood to the extremities, enhancing blood flow and reducing angina and related symptoms. The process is soothing and relaxing for patients, much like a leg massage.
  • Sports Massage with a licensed therapist
  • Acupuncture
  • Brain Health Care
  • Home Facility Design
  • ARS Assessments (functional mobility screening)
  • Comprehensive Blood Analysis
  • Results Tracking: Cardiovascular, Body Mass Index, Body Composition Testing, Neuromuscular Balance Testing
Barwis Methods is proud to bring the world's top brain health team at The Sports Neurology Clinic to our Performance Centers. This partnership continues our tradition of providing a cutting edge scientific approach to human performance and establishes a one-of-a-kind institute for health.

The Sports Neurology Clinic is the international leader in the treatment of neurological conditions in athletes, providing world-class expert care for athletes of all ages and levels of play. In addition to offering expertise in the diagnosis and management of concussion, experts at The Sports Neurology Clinic is the international leader in the treatment of neurological conditions in athletes, providing word-class expert care for athletes of all ages and levels of play.

Our full-service treatment partnership features dedicated performance and therapy areas, as well as a cutting-edge brain function testing system, Brain Network Activation.

If the people we work with today mean more to us than we do to ourselves, we will be good at our jobs.

- Mike Barwis






CELL | (412) 780-5365

BARWIS liaisons are available to assist athletes in securing housing, transportation, and any of life’s needs during the training period at BARWIS.




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