War of the Roses by Blake Dallas

The House of York’s symbol was a white rose.

The House of Lancaster’s symbol was a red rose.

Henry VI ruled from 1422 to 1461. He wasn't a good king because he had mental problems.
Edward IV took the throne from Henry VI, because he thought that Henry was incapable of being king.
Richard III is mostly known because people think he killed his nephews. Although it is very likely he did so, there is nothing that guarantees he did.
Henry Tudor kills Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth, and is declared king. Richard III's body is dragged through the streets.
Henry Tudor was from a rich family of Welsh Nobles, and didn't have a rightful claim to the throne, so he had to marry in after defeating Richard III.
Henry Tudor brought peace to England by ending the War of Roses and married daughter of Edward IV, bring the House of York and the House of Lancaster together.


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