Black holes By: Lane west

Black Holes are very interesting things. They are so dense that nothing can escape not even light. Black holes start from a giant star many times bigger than our sun. When a star dies it creates a supernova that 'explodes' and puts out a ton of light. If we were hit by a supernova there would be mass extinctions. Then it collapses and becomes so dense nothing can escape.

The event horizon is where if you go through it good luck getting out, there is no way possible. A fun fact is that if you stay near the event Horizon but don't go past it for 1 minute and come back out a 1000 years will have passed on earth

Some people believe that if you can survive a black hole and go through it you will either go into a different universe or be some where else in the universe

you don't have to be worried about getting sucked up by a black hole. There are none anywhere close to hurting us
There is a black hole in the center of our galixy

how do we find a black hole if they are INVISIBLE

  • we look at the surrounding stars
  • we look at the matter falling into the black holes and it heats up and we look at the heat

How can they trap light even though light has no mass

I choose this topic because black holes are very interesting things and we don't really know much about them.


Created with images by NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Behemoth Black Hole Found in an Unlikely Place"

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