Rail-Car 2 Sage m and sam w

What We Know:

3 C, 1 Br & many H's

Linear & Tetrahedral

2 pi, many sigma



What We Found:




Tricarbon Trihydride Monobromide

Lewis Structure:

3D Model:


oh no

Highly Flammable, Toxic if Swallowed, Causes Severe Skin Burns and Eye Damage, Causes Skin Irritation, May Cause Respiratory Irritation

Plan to Clean the Chemical From the Spill Site:

Eliminate all ignition sources. (Remove everything that could catch on fire)(Make sure you are wear hazmat suits and googles) Stop or control the leak, if this can be done without undue risk. Use water spray to cool and disperse vapors, and protect personnel. Control runoff and isolate discharged material for proper disposal. (shovel up the contaminated dirt and get ride of anything that has been touched by the chemical) Fire situations may require evacuation. (As long as your body is completely covered by a hazmat suit, you will not be harmed unless it lights on fire, so you are safe to touch the chemical and properly remove the contaminated material.)

Then properly dispose of the train car because it is no longer toxic.

What it's Used for:

It is used to make other chemicals

It can also be used as an intermediate for the synthesis of organic compounds, including agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals. It forms a Grignard reagent at low temperatures, for example.

Why We Transport It:


Pharmaceutical purposes and Chemistry purposes.


Creativity and Collaberation


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