Computers 4 Kids & Veterans Bring Technology To Those Who Need It

Placing computers in the homes of children and giving them training in basic computer skills as an effective way of providing equal opportunities to bridge social gaps.

The number of children with access to computers and the internet is growing but there is also a growing gap. This gap is defined along economic lines. Children with less access to technology are at a major disadvantage compared to those children with more access.

We see the initiative to place computers in the homes of these children and to give them training in basic computer skills, as an effective way of providing equal opportunities and narrowing social gaps.

Who We Are

Our mission to successfully provide individuals a safe haven to receive education and services programs geared to sharing a brighter more stable future of independence.

The purpose of Computers4Kids & Veterans is to bridge the digital divide in neighborhoods without access, offering computer education and access to modern technology.

The Computers 4 Kids & Veterans is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to addressing the needs to enhance individual’s ability to function in today’s society. Our organization operates solely through donated items and monies.

Back 2 School Community Event

Computers4Kids & Vetreans Inc. collects your old technologies to refurbish them for our Computers4Kids & Veterans. Since 2008, with your help, we have donated 200 plus refurbished computers and presented them organizations for computer learning centers, government-assisted programs, disadvantaged youth.

With the continued support from the Buffalo Soldiers M/C of Jacksonville, Florida, we have hosted three back to school events to give away refurbished computers. We are providing affordable communications to individuals helping to bridge the digital divide.

Recycle IT for Charity

Recycle IT for Charity is a recycling campaign using your donated computers, refurbishing them, placing computers in homes of children and community organizations. This program is the foundation of Computers for Kids program, an effective way of providing affordable communications to individual’s citizens while helping to “bridge the digital divide.

Recycle your computers, and place them in homes of disadvantage children, Vets and community organizations.