CHC 2P - Final Assessment By: Nathan Hallman

Halifax Explosion

Halifax's harbor was the main harbor for assembly and departure for transatlantic convoys carrying supplies and soldiers to the war overseas. The day was December, 6 1917, it started as a normal day, parents went to work, and kids went to school. However, this day went from a good day to a bad day very quickly. At the harbor their was a mis-communication between two ships. The one ship the "Mont Blanc" was carrying high explosives and didn't warn the other ship coming the other way. The two captains of the ships were being stubborn and would not move to the other side of the water way. The ships ended up colliding and a fire started on the high explosive ship. The worse part about this was that the locals had been outside watching the boats about to collide, but no one in the town had been warned that the boat had high explosives so they just stood there and watched and before they knew it the town was demolished and not to many lives had been spared.

This event was important to Canadian history because it was the biggest bomb ever seen. This was the biggest explosion before the atomic bomb. No one knew an explosion could be this big until this event happened.


In the early 20's canada's economy wasn't very stable. but as the 20's went forward the economy started to roar, hence why it is called the roaring 20's. Canada's economy started to do very well because of our natural resources, export and trading gave our economy the push that it needed, but at the end of the 20's the economy started to slowly dip again.

During the 20's Canada started to be independent. We no longer were under Britain's control.

Causes of the great depression

The great depression lasted between 1929-1939. The main cause of it was the stock market crashed on October 29, 1929. Another reason the great depression happened was because the banks were failing. Back then bank deposits were uninsured, so when banks failed people just simply lost their savings. So this led to the great depression.

This event was important to Canada becasue it was the first big economic slump. Since the economy crashed it left a lot of Canadians homeless and without jobs.

Atomic Bombs

The atomic bomb is the most devastating bomb a man has ever created. The first time an atomic bomb was tested was on July 16, 1945. It was conducted by the USA as part of the Manhattan project. Then roughly 1 month later they dropped the bombs on Japan's city's ( Hiroshima and Nagasaki).

I think this would be important to Canadian history because we are allies with the USA. So since the US bombed Japan, they could've potentially retaliated on us.

The Cuban Missile Crisis

The Cuban missile crisis first started on October 15, 1962. During the crisis US and Soviet Union leaders engaged in a tense 13 day standoff. This happened because the Soviets shipped missiles to Cuba which is only 90 miles from US borders. The US told the Soviets to take back their missiles or they would use military force if needed.

This effected Canada because Canada is so close to the US. If the Soviets would've launched the missile it could've missed and hit Canada.


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