Week in sports: 1/30/17 Office of Continuous School Improvement

CSI WEEK IN SPORTS is for CSI Staff, Office of Post-Secondary Readiness and District collaborators; detailing weekly updates, events, & highlights.

Week 21/38

Every Student Thrives!

"I want every day to be a fresh start on expanding what is possible."

- ophrah winfrey


Facilities Utilization 2017-18

Facility Master Planning Kicks Off Feb 1!

Facility Utilization for 2017-18 Underway

Which District-run programs are a focus of Quality School Development for 2017-18?

  • Oakland SOL 6th grade @ Rudsdale 71st Ave
  • Newcomer High School program satellite of Rudsdale @ Lakeview
  • Lafayette Tk-3 merger recommendation with MLK Jr. @ MLK campus
  • Lafayette 4-5 merger recommendation with MLK Jr. @ Lowell campus

Which Charter Schools MUST acquire a District Facility for 2017-18?

  • Lodestar K-8 (at least 16 classrooms)
  • East Oakland Leadership Academy K-8 (at least 7 classrooms)
  • Aspire ERES Academy K-8 (at least 11 classrooms)

Which Charter Schools REMAIN in a Prop 39 District Facility for 2017-18? (vs. Long Term Agreements)

  • American Indian High School 9-12 (currently @ Lakeview)
  • East Bay Innovation Academy 6-10 (currently @ Roosevelt & Marshall)

Which Charter Schools SEEKING a facility - need unknown for 2017-18?

  • Envision Academy 9-12 (currently @ private facility)
  • American Indian Middle School 6-8 (currently @ private facility)
  • American Indian K-8 (currently @ private facility)
  • COVA K-8 (currently @ private facility-seeking 2018-19 option)

OUSD 2017-18 Facility Utilization Estimator Sheets


QSD Designations

"Establish performance quality standards and student outcome goals, toward which all schools are expected to make steady progress."

As part of the QSD policy - in order to better identify schools for continuous improvement and communicate each schools' progress - OUSD will begin implementing "QSD Designations".

QSD Designations will help to ensure it is clear whether or not schools are making "steady progress".

  • These will be vetted with Principal Advisory, Exec Cabinet, and Board leadership prior to roll-out.



  • Accredited Schools (Tier I)
  • Accredited Focus Schools (Tier II)
  • Accredited Priority Schools (Tier III)


  • Accredited Exemplary Schools (Top 1/3 Tier I - two years)
  • Accredited School (Tier I)
  • Accredited Focus School (Tier II)
  • Accredited Priority School (Tier III)
  • Transformation Schools (Lowest 1/3 Tier III + SQR)


  • Reinforce expectations that specific schools prioritize their resources for certain improvements
  • Guide prioritizing central investments & supports
  • Identify schools who may be eligible (with Strong school site governance) for access to increased autonomies
  • Identify schools requiring significant accelerations



January 30

  • COVA Call
  • ECE Enrollment Services Planning
  • Executive Cabinet
  • Legal re: King Estates / Marshall Facilities
  • QSD Designations Call (Connie)
  • Defined Autonomy Mtg. CSSS
  • Enrollment Services Call
  • Elevation / CSI / Community Engagement Coord Mtg
  • History Dept Check-in

January 31

  • BOE Community Engagement Planning Mtg.
  • Transformational Principal Interviews
  • CSI Team 1:1's
  • Net Supt Supervision
  • CSI / Engagement Team: MLK/ West Oakland Planning

February 1

  • Prop 39 Preliminary Offers due to charters
  • Facility Master Planning Kick-Off
  • ERS Weekly Planning Meeting
  • CSI Team 1:1's
  • Board Consultations
  • AAMA - Impact Hub

February 2

  • Principal Professional Learning
  • QSD Designations Planning Session
  • ILT Summit
  • ANET Summit
  • CSI Team 1:1's

February 3

  • Network Leader - QSD Designations Overview
  • Cabinet Meeting
  • SSD Session - Facility Master Planning - SPM Priorities
  • SSD Follow-up Planning
  • TGDS Data for KPI Session Mtg
  • Language Programs Meeting
  • Dell Grant Conference Call
  • PLC's / ILT Planning Session


Keep this hit record on the air... contact CSI to receiving Department training on how to read and use the SPF and KPI's.

KPI's - Key Performance Indicators

FOCUS: Racial Equity

Future Updates

To include:


Office of Continuous School Improvement

Helps schools and our district become the "Best at Getting Better"

Key Functions:

  • Measuring & reporting school performance annually & throughout the year using SPF and KPI's (district & charter)
  • Designing & implementing tools for strategic school site planning, progress monitoring of programs, analysis and reporting of what's working & not working, and sharing effective practices
  • Identifying schools for Intensive supports or eligibility for Innovation; & coordinating access & implementation of those supports and services
  • Facilitating decision-making and implementation of new schools, grade configuration expansions, & charter reauthorizations, school mergers or consolidations, and school closures
  • Facilitating team responsible for ensuring annual allocation of facilities for new and/or growing schools, changing programs, and charter school requests

We remain lean by collaborating across the district to ensure that Quality is Everyone's Responsibility


Please Contact David Montes de Oca with Immediate Questions at david.montes@ousd.org

OUSD Selects its Values!

Students First - Equity - Excellence - Integrity - Cultural Responsiveness - Joy

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