Dart Placement move darts up or down

Contrary to popular assumptions...

Making sure a dart points to the fullest part of the bust is possibly the easiest fitting issue to address.

To test your dart placement, baste together your shoulder seams and baste stitch the darts as well. Try on the bodice inside out, to better write changes on your garment's wrong side.

Not terrible, but not good, either.

While the dart pictured above is something we might tolerate in a store bought garment, there's no reason to accept it in a garment we make for ourselves. It's about an inch higher than it needs to be to fit properly.

Mark the desired dart level directly on the wrong side of the fabric.

Unsew the basted darts, and lay your bodice back on a flat surface. Lay the pattern piece over the top and slide down the dart (or up, if your dart was too low) to point at the marking you made to indicate your bust apex.

Slide down the piece and re-draw the darts (or slide up if your darts were too low)

Baste the darts again, press, and try it on again to check your work.

There, that's better.
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