PoDE III-Orange Team-GoKart Justin Long


This is a picture of our brainstorming process, these are the ideas we had on the first day.
This is our sketch of what we want our project to look like. Our design will likely change throughout the brainstorming process.


This is our new design we had for our steering system, and body.
This is our design for the breaks of our car.


We finally got our wheels, so we can make more progress on the GoKart.
We designed our break in onshape, and also shared the document with anyone else.


Me and Vincent worked on onshape he designed the base, and I designed the back rest.
This is the backrest I designed, it is not fully complete. I need to add holes for the chair to sit.


We put all of our pieces together to see what the project looks like.
We also created a prototype of what the project was going to look like at the time.


We added mortise and tenons.
We also added the mortise and tenon's to the base of the kart.

2/9/17 - Snow day!


Started to work on my missing days in Adobe Spark.

I also started the drawing for our VMWare.


We Also finished the back piece so we can start working on the axles for the wheels and supports for the drill.

I worked on my Adobe Spark page, because I was behind by a few days.


I resized the back piece with a little help.
This is a photo of the wood me and Vincent picked out.


This is the final assembly which will be graded.
We also organized our design and engineering folder.


Me and Vincent tried to remove the bike chain, we got most of it done, all we need to do is use the saw to cut the bike.


Me and Vincent use the saw to cut the bike so we can remove the chain.


We also fixed our mortise and tenons in onshape.



Today we finished our vcarve and planned out the wood.



Snow day


We put together all of our pieces that we cut out. We also worked on our brake system and our electronics.


We finished the system to hold our front wheels.
We attached our break system to our kart as well.


We began to cut our axle for our kart, so we can attach our wheels.
We had to make room for the wheel, so we cut out some more room.
We attached our back wheel.
This is where we our currently with our steering system.


This is a picture of me drilling a block of wood for where the back wheels axle will be.
This is our idea for the front wheels.
This is a more recent picture of our body.


This is a screenshot of some of the code Noah has been working on so far.


This is a picture of our breaking system.

Motor Drive

This is the drawing we came up with for our motor drive system.


We have no came up with an idea for our throttle system yet. We all have ideas, but we haven't actually drawn out our ideas.

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