Crossings By Robert Wright

The point of my website "Crossings" is to share the beauty of bridges. Bridges lead from one place to another. My goal is to take you all to another place. I want to be able to not only share bridges with you but share their meanings and their beauty, by "crossing" you over the normal way of thinking. I have a passion for bridges, and I was the child that would hold my breath and make a wish when I crossed. I want you all to share the passion I have for such.

Train to your imagination

I wanted to capture a picture of something other then just a bridge covered by nature. This bridge not only has a road above, but also has train tracks below in a perpendicular angle to it. The bridge has some grafiti under it which all screams "man made" to me. This is no natural beauty, but beauty created by man.

Bridge to Terrabithia

This picture combines the spirit of nature and man-made creation. If the bridge weren't here it would be like any other creek. Nature can be beautiful, but this bridge concludes my fact that-so can man-made objects.

One's Sorrowful End

With such a beautiful background to this bridge it makes the beauty even more present. The lonely Indian girl who fell to her death in order to end her life of heartbreak. This quaint bridge and it scenic surroundings just add to the beauty.


This is one of my favorite bridges. This to many is an eyesore on the side of the road, but to me it's much more. This was once probably a perfect concrete bridge/sewer but turned to this with time and age. This once 100% man-made object got overtaken by earth. Greenery attached itself to this grayish rubble. To many, this is debris, but who said debris can't be beautiful?

I went through a small park and ended up going through some bushes and ran across this bridge. It was an overpass for a complete disaster underneath. To take this picture I had to go through so many fallen trees and bushes and gnats. But it was still beautifully bliss. There was no noise where the bridge was, and the sun could not even shine brightly passed all of the trees. It was a wonderful disaster.

Grafiti Bridge

This bridge is a massive structure. I find the beauty in not only the use of grafiti and concrete, but the background. It looks old and rustics, but still hasn't been too affected by nature.

"Go Ape" is an obstacle course many people go through that allows people to climb through the trees 30 feet up, located in Creve Ceour Park. It's focus is to make give humans the ability to be like apes. The course was built recent and just used the trees they had, and built around it. All of the trees are 100% owned by the earth, and we built around it. I find this giant structure fun and amazing.

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