Arctic wolf facts! With Timothy The sequel to the other project I have on spark video

Hi. Today I will be talking about one of the cutest and strongest wolves! The Arctic wolf with it's sharp teeth it can bite at anyone or anything it wants!

It's a real fight to keep alive if your the pray, so you better run!

And btw it's my fav animal soooo that's why I'm talking about it!!

And btw I'm with my friend and he's helping say hi. Hi!

But if you have a weapon and it wants a fight try to get it off and use fire to scare it off if it's trying to eat you

It doesn't look like it but this big guy can kill someone really easy so don't get it mad or in a fight with you

It's not looking for a fight but if you make it you better run or if you have some fire scare it off

It's a hard fight cause this guy can run at like 25mph (miles per hour) max speed

... Today's the second day that's right I've been working on this for two days!!

Here's today's wolf picture

Idk how but it is actually a predator pray thing with a lot of animals but this has alot of pray but there are some animals who challenge this beast

It eats animals like the Arctic Bunny

That's all for these to days cya all t


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