Go Kart Project Fernando romero

Problem statement

Problem Statement- We want to build a Go Kart that will be powered by a drill and we want to get the best speed out of it. we also want to get a good amount of handling so that it is not tipping over or so that while we ride in it it is not to tip over. we have $25 to spend on any extra items and supplies that we might need to accomplish this goal. our materials that we have is the 18v drill 1 sheet of 3/4 plywood the hardware and wood glue. The materials that wee need to bring in would be wheels chain and gears. Our time frame is about to marking periods to get this go kart build.


This is one of our ideas or one idea that we like and want to use in our go kart a chain attached to the drill to the axis to move the kart.
This is what we would like the body of the go kart to look like and what we want to use the bike wheel for and the handles of the bike.


This is our design idea for our drill that we then changed to a chain system and what we would have as an out put and the turning/brake system.
This is the chain system that we are using and that would maximize our speed going from a larger gear to a smaller gear to get the max amount of revolutions.
This is the newest sketch we have made with more detail and a better view.
Here is the onshape part that I build for the go kart

Here is the Drill support and seat for our Go-Kart it holds the drill on the back and functions as part of our seat.


This is the bike we took apart to use the gears and chain on our go kart we also are using the handle bars.
This is close to our finished product its still missing two wheels and the seat but we are really close.

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