La Siguanaba The salvadoran witCh

La Siguanaba means "horrifying women." Her name used to be Sihuehuet meaning "beautiful women." She went from men to men and Tlaloc didn't agree with this since she had a son of his. So he cursed her. She only goes after men at night time.

Characters: La Siguanaba or Sihuehuet, the god Tlaloc and their son Cipito

Setting: This Folktale is well known in Salvador. It is set basically in Salvador. But it is also known in Guatemala.

The Siguanaba is about a women who had an affair with the god Tlaloc and when she became pregnant She was an unfit mother and Tlaloc became angry towards her. So he changed her name to Siguanaba and cursed her. He cursed her to be a horrific women that hunts man. She would appear beautiful at the first sight and then she would become a horrifying women. She roams the fields and river side looking for a victim and searching for her son. She searches for him because he was granted eternal youth. Siguanaba only goes after men in the night.

Symbols/Archetypes: For men to be safe from the women they either make the sign of a cross towards her or bit down of something metal.

Meaning: It is to show that those who have children should take care of the child. They shouldn't be and unfit parent or mother. Also that men shouldn't fall for the looks of the women, because you don't know the truth behind her.

The significance is that men should be careful at night time. Those men who are cheaters to their women we'll be caught by La Siguanaba. Also those young men who are troublemakers with young girls.

Kelley Medina-period:2-Feb.21,2017


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