Rome Contributions By: Cole Becker


The Romans learned a lot of science from the Greeks. A Greek doctor named Galen emphasized the importance of anatomy, he would cut open dead animals to look at their organs and record what he found. This was important to the Romans because it helped them understand the body so the could help cure patients. This is important to us today because it gave us a starting place on how the body works.


The Romans created a standard system of weights and measures. They used this for trade and use of currency. We use this today to see what we weigh and what some things are worth.

Architecture and Engineering

Emperor Hadrian built Hadrian's wall in Britain to keep out the Picts and Scots, two warlike people. This helped the Romans from further battle, keeping people alive and protecting their empire. This impacts us now because it can tell us how it boosted economy back then and how we can do things like this to do the same now.


Romans used styles of Greek art in their statues, but unlike Greek statues, these statues were more realistic with wrinkles, warts, and other realistic features, whereas the Greek statues looked more perfect and healthy. This affected the Romans on how they wanted things to look and how they wanted their community to look. This affects us today on how we make our community look.


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