The Renaissance Anjole dull

Marco and the Silk Road

The reopening of the Silk Road helped spark the Renaissance. Trade increased in europe." It increased because warriors or people who prefect were dying"(Stanley M ). I chose this sentences because it helps Lear why it helped. So that's how the Renaissance sparked up.

Italian Trade Cities (Florence)

The medic family

This is the learning of the Medici family.

Medici family architecture.

This is the art of the Medici family.

Medici family grid.

This was the banking of the Medici family.

How did Roman classical ideas help shape the development of the Renaissance?

Well the ideas from the romans helped shape the Renaissance because they learned art and statues." They made art and statues beacause they wanted the city to look pretty".

Classical art from Roman and European

Architecture from Roman and European

Classical art

Art from Lenardo de Vinci

Leonardo de Vinci

The arrival I chose is Leonardo de Vinci facts and biography. Leonardo de Vinci had painted the Mona Lisa. Leonardo de Vinci also made the Renaissance man.


This video is talking about what Michelangelo built and made statues and art.

Paper aNd printing press

They had put ink on leather and pressed the ink evenly on the little letters.

They put the paper in the little canvas and the clamped it in and pressed down on the little letters.

They put the canvas under the smasher and the smasher smashe down on the paper and it helped the little letters get on the paper.

They had to pull the lever as hard as the can so they can smash the little letters on the paper.

At the end the little letters were smashed onto the paper.

The printing press impacted the Renaissance because they had print the Bible in the printing press in the Renaissance. People started become more Christian because the Bible was the only book they had. The only people who can read were popes.

William shakesspeare

William Shakespeare help people understand why humans are important in life." The following passage reflects the Renaissance idea that each human being is important".( Holt 4) William Shakespeare made plays,poems and story's to tell humans about humanity. Shakespeare attracted a big audience because he had made his own words and he explained what humans meant to this world." Ever since, people have enjoyed the beauty of Shakespeare's language And his understanding of humanity".(Holt 4) Shakespeare made new words like lonely and he also made humans understand why there here.


Created with images by meritxell-anfitrite - "Los viajes de Marco Polo" • - "Pairs of angels, sculptures; Martyrs' Square - Place des Martyrs - Martelaarsplaats 1" • Barry B's Photography - "Ely Cathedral - 'Nowhere to Sit'" • pedrosimoes7 - "A Road at the Ville-d'Avray (1874) - Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot" • - "Angel & National Flag of Belgium, Martyrs' Square - Place des Martyrs - Martelaarsplaats, Brussels, Belgium"

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