Bigfoot by Jared


Many say bigfoot is fake but what do you believe. Bigfoot is one of the biggest mysteries in the USA. Many people believe he is real. Bigfoot has been faked and made real. He has big feet and is one of the most thought of character. He has been described as a bear like human with big feet. Many people believe to have seen bigfoot. Though it's mostly to be a fake.

Theory 1

Many people believe bigfoot is real here is the proof. There has been many sighting around the world. Bigfoot has been caught on camera countless times. Lots of people believe in bigfoot. There are too many eye witnesses accounts for it not to be real.scientist say bigfoot is real. Bigfoot's dna has been found. Bigfoot hair is everywhere.Bigfoot has a lot of reliable sources to be real. The amount of evidence is alarmingly big. Bigfoot has eluded many people over the years. Meny believers hunt bigfoot on t.v. Lots of people believe bigfoot is too blurry on camera so its fake, but there is hd footage also. Bigfoot tracks have been found and doc. Most believers are scientist. Bigfoot hair has been found in the woods of many closed parks.

Theory 2

Although many people believe bigfoot is real. Lots of other people believe he is fake. There is lots of evidence on this topic one of the most used is there are so many people that fake bigfoot sightings and that causes people to think it's fake. Bigfoot hair has been tested and it has been confirmed that its fake. Bigfoot footprints have also been faked. Bigfoot has been proven to be fake and thus is fake.Bigfoot is just a guy in suit it has been proven by science. That is a lot of proof right there but there is a lot more. There have been over 28 sightings when bigfoot has been faked. Just look up the statistics bigfoot is more likely to be fake then real. Bigfoot non believers believe he is just hoax which has the majority of the population. The some of the nb’s (non believers) Think the people who do belive are crazy. The eye witnesses are just trying to make money. There isn't a yet either the way people think is the truth that is what they think the truth is. While I was investigating bigfoot I noticed a lot more and more people that stopped believing in bigfoot.

What I Believe

What I believe is bigfoot is real. The reason I believe that is bigfoot has been seen in so many places it's really hard for me to not think about it. Throughout this research I has concluded that bigfoot is indeed real. There is just more facts that point to him being real then fake. Even if he is fake then I guess I'm wrong and it's ok to be wrong from time to time. Bigfoot has such a large fan base and haters that the world is in a debate whether he is real or not and I just happen to be on the real side. The evidence of real is way more than fake. With fake there is just someone saying that's just a guy in a costume and science says that it's not. So most people hear what they want not what's true.


Bigfoot has been seen and bigfoot has been made to look real to the human eye. The reason why it's important to know this is. Don't you want to know if he is real or not? Don't you want to look your kid in the eye and say I saw bigfoot or bigfoot is fake with no doubt in your mind. It is also important to know if he is affecting the ecosystem in some way. Like is there another kind of man and if so where did they come from? Could bigfoot be the key to answering life's biggest questions? What is bigfoot is he half human half ape or bear, or is he even half human, or just a new kind of ape or bear and if that's true what does he eat, where is his habitat it could be anywhere

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