Culinary Jacob Aponte

My dream job would be a professional Parkour athlete, I would travel the world doing what I love and inspire people to follow their dreams and never give up.

My dream vacation would be to go to the U.K. Its an unusual "dream vacation" but for me it would be amazing. The United Kingdom is the worlds parkour capital and I would go there and just do parkour all day.

Safety And Sanitation is important in a kitchen because of all the different things that could happen, like injury, and cross contamination. Its very important to wash your hands often when working in a kitchen, the reasons being, you could get germs on someones food if your sick, consequently the customer would get sick. Another being taking germs from a raw chicken or stake and then handling someones salad, they would get food poisoning and it wouldn't be good.

Apple crisp are a desert food that are very simple to make, first you get your apple and peel it, then you would cut your apple up. After this is done you would get cinnamon, and oats and mix them with a little bit of milk. After all this all you would need to do is heat your apple crisp up and enjoy!

Pumpkin bars are super simple to make, all you need is some flour, pumpkin, sugar, eggs, and milk. To make pumpkin bars you would first need to put all your ingredients into a bowl and mix them, next you would pour them onto a pan and let them cook in the oven and your done!


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