idubbbzTV (I have cripplning depression)

Ian Handler (idubbbz) is an american YouTuber who is widely know for his "Kickstarter crap" and "Content cop" videos. He began his channel on August 12th 2012 and uploaded on August 30th 2012 in which he is shown playing Overgrowth. He decided to switch it up a little on March 18th 2013 when he uploaded "Gaming news crap" which was the origin of his "Kickstarter crap" videos.

Now idubbbz isn't your average YouTuber nonononono he tends to go a little off the top (wayyyyyyyyyyy over) his videos give you a different vibe. His most viewed video up to date is his Content Cop video on Leafy which has well over 15 million views! I'll leave a link but if you are easily offended I recommend you not watch it

Now it wouldn't be right to talk about idubbbz and not mention how much hes contributed to the meme community... Some of his most well known memes are his "IM GAY" meme in which he jumps off his counter in a green jumpsuit looks at the camera and says "IM GAYYY" another one of his most famous memes is one in which he jumps off his car and lands in a wheelchair perfectly and utters "I have crippling depression"

He being a weird person already has made some pretty weird videos with popular YouTubers Filthy Frank and Maxmoefoe called Vomit,Human and Hair cake (Ive linked these videos but please watch with caution (if you even choose to))

Filthy Frank ( In collab with idubbbz)
Maxmoefoe seems to be the only normal one here

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