Bronco Juice Michael Goodwin

I came up with my business because me and my brother would always mix drinks. Wherever there is a coca cola freestyle drink dispenser we would mix lots of drinks.
My brother and I are the ones that are pushing me forward with my business. I want to keep making this drink for everyone to enjoy and experience themselves.
mix drinks and playing around with different types of mixes and styles.My family helped me by taking me to zaxby's and your pie where they have the coke freestyle drink machines. They also helped by letting me
I am planning on how i will sell this product as well as market it in and out of school. I am also playing around with new and different flavors that everyone will like.
My typical customers will be anyone over the age of 7 (who can drink soda). These people will be able to enjoy the amazing products that i am going to be putting out onto the market .
My company is different because it is the only one of its kind that mixes drinks. We are in a market where there is little competition because no one else mixes drinks.
Our mission here at Bronco Juice is to provide everyone with the drinks they love in a whole new experience. We want everyone to have this wonderful experience.
We will help by donating money to charities. You pick the charity and we will donate to them.
The cost will be by the bottle. This depends on how much money i am spending to make the product.
the cost of m,y product will be sold by the bottle. the cost will be 3.00 per bottle and later we could move into bigger drink sizes.


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