Greece vs. rome Why Rome is better.


Although the Romans took the ideas of statues from the Greek gods and goddesses, the Romans did come up with an idea using their own originality which was producing realistic portrait statues like the picture above. With bust creations of a full length statue of the young Augustus to other statesmen with these statues having a historic and an artistic value to them.


Just like Greece, the Rome economy was mainly based on its agriculture. The Romans would import their wheat and engage in trade. While the Romans just like the Greeks would be manufacturing goods within their own wall as well. With Romans following in the Greeks footsteps, they acquire significant minerals from quarries. In Rome the economy was dependent on the slave labor from the expansion until the late empire. With more land being conquered this lead to Romans to allow to trade and loot the newly conquered land.

Woman's Rights

The Woman were subjective to the dominant male in the household of her husband. The woman could own and dispose of her property and do as she wished. With being a one man woman she could be a Roman citizen. They were valued for piety, modesty, and maintenance of harmony.


Due to the strong military tactics led by the Romans, they have become very powerful. The soldiers of the Roman empire were all trained in the latest tactics of war and were all equipped with the finest weapons of war. A legion army unit having about 5,000 soldiers including, heavy and light infantry with also the cavalry. The military of Rome made to be one of the most grand empires to ever exist.

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