Purpose RObert Harris - Producer Application

The work of Purpose is extraordinary. You deftly combine vital information in the political arena without forgetting the importance of retaining a human touch. I love the independent spirit and commitment to making the world a better place. Storytelling is something that is fundamental to the human experience creating video is the ultimate way to convey the message of Purpose.

I have worked as a Broadcast Producer at Cutwater in San Francisco. I have also worked in production at large agencies like McCann. All my previous positions included elements of research, budgeting, editing, and fieldwork. I'm very familiar with working on a team in a collaborative environment with tight deadlines and budgets. We are at an inflection point in terms of how we consume media. Technology has just begun to truly augment the very world we see. Regardless of the changing technology there remains a constant truth; there is alway going to be a need to connect to something larger than ourselves. This position fascinates me because it is about finding the common ground that hopefully leads to a better world.

I’m obsessed with design, pop-culture, behavior science, technology, and politics. Good stories tend to intertwine these elements into a universal truth. When everything clicks it can be a win-win for everybody. I would love the opportunity to participate in a personal interview to answer any of your questions and better present my qualifications. Thank you again for your time and consideration!

FutureNow - We produced for the Board of Education a festival that showcased the importance of AfterSchool in the City.

After school programs increases academic effort and decreases likelihood of skipping school. It also Improves leadership skills. It helps children connect with school better because extracurricular activities allow students to engage in subject that truly interest them. Thousands of Children of NYC public schools participated.

Students displayed their many talents including singing.
Students talked about the importance of solar energy.

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