Weekly Newsletter Friday 6 November 2020

Dear Parents & Guardians

Welcome back after the half term holiday, the first week of term seems to have flown by. We are now in lockdown number 2 with people only allowed to go out for:-

  • attending education
  • going to work, if working from home isn’t possible
  • exercise
  • essential food shopping

Please can we ask that you all follow the Government set rules, as this helps keep everyone else in school safe. So far we have kept all our bubbles intact and attendance across school is around 95% which, given the circumstances, is just amazing. It is great that you believe in us so much here at Avondale that our attendance is so high, so thank you!

It would be fantastic if we could get through to Christmas with no burst bubbles. As a school we can’t do this on our own, we need the help of our community. If your household needs to self isolate then please stay at home. We have called round to some families this week who should have been self isolating (to drop things off), yet they weren’t at home! We all need to play our part to keep others in school safe.

The advice this week is that all clinically extremely vulnerable staff and children work from home for the next four weeks. If your child falls into this category (and we haven’t been in touch because we don’t know) then please ring school so we can formulate a plan of action.

Please can I also remind parents about social distancing on the yard. We are fortunate in that we have plenty of outdoor space and numerous gates for the children to enter via, so please ensure that you remain 2m away from those other adults on the yard who are not in your household. We are aware that ‘drop off and collection time’ is a point for adult social interaction. Please do this at a distance - we have groups of adults chatting away on the yard and congregating at the gates, which given the enhanced restrictions and rising numbers of people catching Covid is a concern. Your support in this would be much appreciated.

Parents’ Evening

Wednesday evening felt rather surreal as I wandered around a near empty school. It was so different to the usual busy corridors we have and the buzz that is usually around school was missing. However, overall the Zoom and telephone calls seemed to go well. The tricky part with Zoom was where the device wasn’t linked to a parent’s name or a child’s name and the device just came up with ‘i-phone 6 or samsung device’ and we had no idea who this linked with and therefore which parent was due next for their appointment. So, thank you for bearing with us; for a first attempt at a Zoom/telephone Parents’ Evening we feel it went well. Some parents did book appointments, however when we rang there was no answer. If you didn’t book an appointment and would like to catch up with your child’s class teacher then please contact the school office.

Each week the staff identify a member of the class who has really shone. This week our stars are:

Well Done!
Our theme for this week was Kindness

Staff will ring parents to explain why their son/daughter has been chosen. This week we are resuming Friday Star Assemblies though they will be Key Stage ones rather than whole school and these will be led by myself, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Duckett. The assemblies will be remote, though they will enable other pupils and staff to celebrate the children’s successes.

Green Texts

As you all know we operate the traffic light system for promoting positive behaviour and ideally children would remain on green or even platinum. So you are aware of your child’s attitude to school and their behaviour we will send you a text on a Friday to let you know if your child has remained on green. Please praise your son/daughter if you receive this text. If you don’t receive this then please ask them as to why they think you haven’t got the text. We used this system last year and it was very well received by parents and so after half a term of settling into the new way of school life we have decided to resume the system. The behaviour across Avondale is a great strength and we want to share this with you.

Remote Learning

If your child is absent from school, there are home learning packs available for collection. These are closely linked with work that the other children in school will be doing. We expect that your child will spend between 3-4 hours on school work per day. We would like to provide daily written feedback about your child’s work so that we can encourage and advise. Please send in daily photographs of what work they have completed to the relevant email address:

  • Reception : avondalerec@avondale.blackburn.sch.uk
  • Year 1 : avondale1@avondale.blackburn.sch.uk
  • Year 2 : avondale2@avondale.blackburn.sch.uk
  • Year 3 : avondale3@avondale.blackburn.sch.uk
  • Year 4 : avondale4@avondale.blackburn.sch.uk
  • Year 5 : avondale5@avondale.blackburn.sch.uk
  • Year 6 : avondale6@avondale.blackburn.sch.uk


As we head into another lockdown, Phonics Play is allowing us to share our school login details so the full site can continue to be used at home. We use this a lot in school to back up our phonics and spelling work and lots of children have their favourite games to play. Why not let them show you what they can do?

  1. The link to the website is below
  2. The username is: Avondale
  3. The password is: Avondale

Online Safety

As we are now in lockdown number 2 and children can’t go out to play with others or go around to each other’s houses then they may be spending more time online…? With this in mind we thought we would start to send home a weekly online safety tip. If children are online more it is very important that they are as safe as they can possibly be. Key to this safety are the settings that are on devices and ensuring that filters are in place for our children so that they can’t access inappropriate material.

We know that children, particularly younger children, can be bothered by things they see online and filters can be a helpful tool in reducing the chances of coming across something upsetting. The UK Safer Internet Centre has some useful tips for setting parental controls to help you set up filters on your home internet to help prevent age-inappropriate content being accessed on devices in your home.

A great site to look at, to help you set your parental settings, can be found by following this link:


This Sunday is Remembrance Sunday, though as with everything things will be a little different this year. Poppies are currently on sale in school if children would like to purchase one. Unfortunately this year we won’t be able to have our whole school Remembrance Assembly together in the Hall but we will be having a remote one led by Year 6. # We will remember

Dates for the diary

Mrs Brown, Headteacher

Thank you for reading!


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