Lol...OMG! ChapTer 1

Summary: The internet and technology have changed both positively and negatively. Technology is positive because it lets students get their homework if they are sick and it's easy for their friends to send them notes they missed. It negative because if they make a mistake and post something they wish they hadn't they can't take it back because it's there forever and it's on their permanent record for anyone to see. The things people put in the internet good are bad anyone who googles you or researches you can see them so make sure you only put positive things on the internet. Also the internet is still very young and being shaped so people need to shape the internet positively not negatively.

Opinion of chapter: I agree with the chapter because yes everyone does have a permanent record and everything you put in the internet is there forever and anyone can see it. Also the chapter did a great job letting people know how important it is to have good netiquette and it also did a great job telling people what the future chapter are about so you can know what you are going be learning about.

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