NOVA Parks Awards 2016-2017

Congratulations to our 20 year service award winners!

  • Charlie Anderson
  • Derric Bolton
  • Mark Brooks (Not Pictured)
  • Tammy Burke
  • Timothy Geisler
  • Max Reed
  • Dale Riggs (Not Pictured)
  • Keith Tomlinson
Thank you for all your dedication and service to NOVA Parks

2017 Employee Achievement Awards

Frank Basye (Not Pictured)

Frank Basye has achieved recognition in the area of Versatility and Team Player. In the absence of a full-time employee, Frank willingly accepted additional duties, often outside of his normal responsibilities, to ensure work orders were completed without interruption. Frank did this with a positive attitude and willingness to do what it takes to get the job done.

Diane Creasey (Not Pictured)

Diane Creasey has achieved recognition in the areas of Versatility and Team Player. Diane has a unique ability to focus on the details and nuances of the many projects managed by the Planning and Development Department. This has allowed staff to expand her role in the variety of work she is tasked with, in turn freeing up valuable time for them to focus on other important tasks and goals. Diane does this with an exceptional work ethic, professionalism and enthusiasm.

Heidi Bates (Not Pictured)

Heidi Bates has achieved recognition in the areas of Team Player and Above and Beyond. Heidi played an integral role in the editing and organization of the new NOVA Parks Board Handbook. Heidi managed several versions and countless edits, all while ensuring the intent of the Board was clearly captured. Heidi’s assistance has resulted in the development of an exceptional document that will assist the NOVA Parks Board for years to come.

Jason Sprouls (Not Pictured)

Jason Sprouls has achieved recognition in the areas of Innovation and Cost Savings. Jason proposed and carried out the plan to implement a new donation box for Potomac Overlook. The idea to offer small giveaways for children in return for a donation to the park has netted almost $3,000.00 in less than a year. This fun and inventive way to seek donations will assist the park in its mission of environmental education.

Dan Iglhaut

Dan Iglhaut has achieved recognition in the area of Above and Beyond. Understanding the importance of getting a trail connection from Rte. 15 to Ball’s Bluff, Dan took it upon himself to research the land rights of an abandoned road bed linking the two. Dan’s curiosity and persistence located a long forgotten deed that confirmed NOVA Parks had inherited an easement on this land, providing the ability to create a future public trail connection.

Greg Cook

Greg Cook has achieved recognition in the area of Above and Beyond. Prior to becoming a full-time employee at Potomac Overlook, Greg worked seasonally as an integral part of the Bull Run Light Show. During the initial setup of the 2016 show, Greg returned to Bull Run to ensure a smooth transition in the setup sharing of his time and talents and displaying exceptional dedication to NOVA Parks.

Dustin Betthauser

Dustin Betthauser has achieved recognition in the areas of Customer Service and Team Player. Dustin was an important contributor in the design and implementation of the agency-wide customer service incentive program. Dustin’s ideas to provide “on the spot” and a monthly recognition programs provide a positive reinforcement tool to staff while promoting GREAT customer service.

Brian Bauer

Brian Bauer has achieved recognition in the area of Innovation. Brian was instrumental in the research and implementation of a marketing project request and tracking system. This new system enables staff to make requests and receive real-time project status updates. This achievement not only provides an exceptional level of internal customer service but also enhanced productivity and communication.

Chris Liebermann

Chris Liebermann has achieved recognition in the areas of Versatility and Above and Beyond. Chris’ role during the Light Show is not only the set-up of the show but he also often covers “Manager on Duty” shifts several nights throughout the season. Chris also lends his talents to Camp Grow where he assists in the design and delivery of a wood working class for campers. Chris takes on these additional elements all while tending to his normal duties fostering a culture of excellence and dedication at Meadowlark Gardens.

Spencer Kauffman

Spencer Kauffman has achieved recognition in the area of Team Player. Spencer displayed a high level of dedication and leadership during the Bull Run Festival of Lights. During the initial show set-up, Spencer provided a positive and well-organized work environment for a variety of NOVA Parks staff, many of whom were new to the light show installation. The result of Spencer’s effort was a cohesive team that provided an exceptional product for the public to enjoy.

Adam Melton

Adam Melton has achieved recognition in the areas of Innovation and Cost Savings. Adam took it upon himself to improve the NOVA Parks headquarters wireless access. Parts of the building had little to no signal, and Adam was able to research and find a cost-effective product and complete the installation to allow flexibility to all staff and guests who require wireless connectivity.

David Kiser

David Kiser has achieved recognition in the areas of Innovation and Cost Savings. David’s idea to construct a hoop that is placed on the top of some of the show’s bigger trees led to decreased set-up time, reducing the rental time on equipment and an overall more uniformed look to the trees. David’s creative approach to solve challenges has been a great tool in making the Winter Walk of Lights a great success.

Evan McGurrin

Evan McGurrin has achieved recognition in the area of Versatility and Team Player. Evan’s job responsibilities take him from Upton Hill to Temple Hall to Bull Run each season. Not only does Evan handle these transitions well but he excels, receiving many positive reviews from park staff at each location. Evan is also quick to take on roles outside of his normal duties, participating on a variety of committees and in the development phase of the Open-Gov platform.

Rebecca Flaherty

Rebecca Flaherty has achieved recognition in the area of Versatility. Rebecca has played a critical role in the development and implementation of the new golf course operations marketing system in her role as golf course committee lead. Rebecca has accomplished this while contributing as the park’s customer service champion, providing oversight of park operations and the transition of new full-time staff at the park.

Brad Jackson

Brad Jackson has achieved recognition in the area of Above and Beyond. Brad’s leadership in the implementation of NOVA Parks’ new campground reservation system took on many forms. Brad was the main point of contact with the vendor in many cases, ensuring the system was performing in a way that was most beneficial to our operations. Brad also researched the capabilities of the system and implemented a number of marketing components. The system has performed very well for NOVA Parks, and Brad’s efforts are one of the main reasons for this success.

Doranne Pittz

Doranne Pittz has achieved recognition in the areas of Customer Service and Responsiveness. In seeking to gain volunteers and visibility for a work day within the park, Doranne took it upon herself to go door to door to visit with many of the neighbors in the surrounding community. This kind of public outreach and relationship building is a critical component to NOVA Parks’ success within Arlington.

Todd Benson

Todd Benson has achieved recognition in the area of Above and Beyond. Todd took on the leadership and training role in the implementation of our new agency-wide work order and maintenance system. This included collecting, organizing and inputting thousands of assets into the software program across all NOVA Parks sites. Todd has continued to fine tune the system and to extend its capabilities into a preventative maintenance and a facility inspection program.

Stewart Miller

Steward Miller has achieved recognition in the area of Cost Savings and Team Player. Steward’s ability to take on projects outside of his normal scope of work has resulted in significant savings for NOVA Parks. His ability to make emergency repairs to the waterpark when needed has saved downtime and lost revenues, and his repairs to the mini-golf irrigation have resulted in a better overall customer experience for the Upton Hill patrons.

Nathan Dorr

Nathan Dorr has achieved recognition in the area of Above and Beyond. Nathan played an integral role in the pre-season setup of Great Waves, executing much of the groundwork involved in getting the pools ready in the absence of a full-time employee. Nathan’s tireless efforts and dedication to Great Waves ensured all facilities were in top form and ready for opening day.

Todd Hafner

Todd Hafner has achieved recognition in the area of Above and Beyond. Todd’s work to make the Occoquan Building Project a reality not only included managing the overall design and current construction of the project but also the daunting task of successfully securing bond financing, something NOVA Parks had never done in its history.

Financial Performance Award



Energy Conservation Award

Fountainhead/Sandy Run/Bull Run Marina


Congratulations to all our award winners!

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