Path through Mcom 63 By Chia Chung Wang

My best friend, my brother, the person I missed the most.
Campus safety: With all the recent crimes happening in and near San Jose State, students express their thoughts.
Students' favorite: Panda Express in Student Union West.
Fire drill: scenes of people in a hurry to get out the building.
The Working Poor: story of a homeless man "Rudy" who fights everyday to survive in one of the most expensive cities to live in, San Jose. Rudy was a college student until his illegal got him in jail.

Game Changer

Ryan Sean Eckford: "There is a lot about this world I hate and I want to see changed, but if I am not the one fighting for that change there is no guarantee that anyone else will." Student, Community Organizer, Student for Quality Education member, and a fighter, Eckford does it all for the student community. On the daily basis, he balances school, work, and community organizing. Eckford wishes he could do better at each parts and have more time. But Eckford does not sit and complain. Eckford is a do-er. Eckford spends most of his free time in meetings and working on projects to better other students lives. For the past five years, at CSU's we were able to have a tuition-lock, where the tuition would not change for five years. As that lock no longer exists, students are in danger of a tuition increase. With the busy schedule he has, he also fights diabetes every day. As education becomes more limited towards the wealthy, those who do not have enough will slowly be pushed out of the educational institutions. Eckford fully believes that education should be a right, not an option limited to those who can afford to. Eckford is not told by anyone to do this, he decided to dedicate his life to work for the others. Eckford wishes one day that as he takes a step towards making the the student community a better place, people will follow and do the same. Watch Eckford's story as he walks towards his life goal: "I want the work I do to make the world a better place."

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