human trafficking what is human trafficking ?

Human trafficking is the illegal trade of human beings for the purposes reproductive slavery, sexual explotation, forced labor, or modern day form of slavery. Slavery is a system under witch people are treated as property. These two terms have multiple things in common. Two similarities in these terms are that when slavery occured not much was being done to to stop it and that theirs was no humman rights eitheir way. But the diffrence is that slavery was ended over a hundred years ago.

what is the cause of human trafficking ?

Traffickers prey on people with promises of higher incomes to inprove economic situations, support parents and families in villages,and escape from war and conflict.

Women and children are the key targets group because of their marginalization in many societies and their limited economic resources. Other key targets groups include :

  • people from impoverished and low income house
  • ethnic minorities, indigenous people , hills tribes , refuges, ans illegal migrants
  • people with low levels of education
  • young girls running away from home

trafficking techniques

  • Local contacts~ Trafficking enlist the help of local people and villagers to identify vulnerable families
  • Direct sale~ Women ans children are sold to traffickers by parents or other family members.
  • Deccit~ Unscurupous agents decve parents and lune women and girls with false promises of well paid work in citiez or marrages to ritch husbands.

(what people are mostly to be trafficked)

Some of the most vulnerable people to trafficking are those who are migrating or are displead. This can be caused by a " push " like conflict or natural disaster or " pull " like the change for better economic and social opportunities. Poverty is a major cause of vulnerability to human trafficking.


  • In most regions, 80% of trafficking invals sexual exploitations
  • Behind drugs and weaponds, human trafficking is the third largest international crime indestry in the worl
  • organ harvesting is another seldom but quickly growing industry that benifits from human trafficking


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