DTC #74: Above It All To go wine takes you higher than you ever thought possible





Although it may not seem like it Vinoteca Farfalla is an Italian/Brazilian joint stemming from it's owners roots. But it's all about the wine here with happy hour every day and $12 to go bottles of the good stuff.
Stop 1

Sipping wine on the sidewalk

• 2.5 hours to sunset •

Stop 1: Vinoteca Farfalla

The afternoons sun beats down upon Los Feliz's Highland Ave. You escape eminent sun burn as you barrel into the dark and pleasantly cool Vinoteca Farfalla. A perfect melody of reggae tunes accompany the narrow wine bar. It's happy hour and you’re about to take full advantage. With a solid pour of a barbera and a craft beer you instantly adopt the surroundings as your home for the foreseeable future. Sips meld with banter just before you grab a second round and decide to head outside to relax in the mellowing sun. Daters and friends hustle past to their evenings delights as you cheers to the good life. When you’ve sampled your fair share of the juice step inside to grab a bottle to go just after ordering to go by phone from stop 2. In no time you’ll be high above it all.

What to know...

  • Happy Hour is all day Monday & Tuesday, 4-7pm Wednesday to Sunday with $6-8 glasses of wine and $4-5 beers.
  • If you're driving there is a parking lot on the south end of the building but we suggest staging your car at stop 2. That way it can be a surprise for your unassuming date or friends.
  • It might seem weird at first but drinking wine on the sidewalk is all good. Have a bigger group there's a patio to the left end of the building, with music playing too. We highly suggest spending time outside there.
  • Make sure to grab a bottle to go from the bar. They have a bottle of the month. Either red or white. That is $12. It's usually a well selected bottle so you can't really go wrong.
Stop 2

italian feast take out

• 1.5 hours to sunset •

Stop 2: Little Dom's

Becoming those daters on the sidewalk you pleasantly stroll up the busy corridor to the bustling Italian staple Little Dom's. In another sidewalk soiree friends glug down bottles of wine amidst elderly couples slurping up spaghetti. A fan fare of fun emanates from the happy hour crowd as you enter the eclectic bar. Timed perfectly your margarita pizzas, spaghetti with meatballs and arancini is packed and ready to go at the bar. Paying the pleasant bartender you escape the bustling scene for the sidewalk and grab a ride to the woods. You’ve got a hike to tackle.

What to know...

  • IMPORTANT: Please order 20 minutes before leaving stop 1. (Here is the menu) This will ensure your food is ready to be picked up when you get there. Tip: Pull out the menu after ordering your second drink. Pay at the left of the bar.
  • The food is solid Italian with your usual suspects winning the prize: pizza and pasta. Be cognicent that you'll be having a picnic so difficult to picnic foods may be a poor choice, i.e. the market fish.
  • Plan on grabbing an Uber/Lyft from here or hop in your staged car in the parking lot in back.
Stop 3


• 1 hour til sunset •

Stop 3: Griffith Helipad

It feels as though you’re heading the wrong direction as you drive through neighborhoods up to the Griffith Park trailhead for it's HeliPad. You take an immediate right as you start the ascent into the massive park. A steep few hundreds yards introduces you to your sunset stroll. Bearing through that initial battle you pop into the Cedar Grove, a magical corner of the park that resembles Humboldt more than Highland Park. Continuing further you connect with the fire road to wind and wander past vistas of downtown and the LA mountains. As the sun begins to set you round the final corner opening your eyes to your final destination. Laying down your blanket, you relax and cool off with a glass of wine to cheers the incredible view. You unpack your Italian feast and trade turns taking bites while shooting pics of the scene. As the colors turn to pinks and oranges you clink your reds and whites to cheers your city. The only sad part is when you realize it’s time to hike down :(

What to know...

  • Pre-Plan: 1) Dress Appropriately. This is an actual hike with the first bit that can be strenuous for some. Wear athletic shoes and flexible clothing. 2) In a backpack bring a blanket, plastic wine glasses, a bottle opener, a bottle of water & bug spray.
  • You'll park along the street before the trailhead at 2650 N. Commonwealth Ave. Turn immediately right when the wood fence starts, you'll see the path up the hill.
  • The hike should last about 45 minutes taking you through the NorCal-esque Cedar Grove. We were running late and hustled in about 25 minutes but giving yourself time to soak it in is highly suggested.
  • If it gets dark as you're walking down you can follow the road all the way to the bottom. Will be safer than heading down the steep dirt trail.

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