On the Edge Alexa Fauchon

The only thing I could feel was the cool pavement on my back. I couldn't even move my toes or fingers. My head was spinning and everything felt like it was in slow motion. My arms and legs were bruised and bleeding. My face was the thing that was most damaged, my nose was gushing blood and my lips were swollen. Victoria Buller, my ex-best friend and her group, looked down at my helpless body and walked away.

I lived in a small town in Australia named" Port Douglas". As a little girl I would go to the beach with my parents and my best friend. This was before my family became distant and my best friend hated me. The best years of my life were when we would all go and sleep on the beach. The smell of the salty waters and the fresh air would always make me feel at peace and calmed me. Now even the thought of the beach clouds my head with foggy memories.

My stomach turned just thinking about walking into school, for what was waiting for me was torture. They would grab my hair, push me over, and shove me into lockers and they would always shout in the hallway, "Meredith, you boyfriend stealing slut". You're probably wonder what I did to make Victoria want to make my life a living hell.

A couple weeks later, I was walking to science class, when all of a sudden, Victoria came up to me. I was expecting her to call me a nickname or slam my head into a locker but instead she asked me this;

"Hey Meredith are you coming to Tiffany's party?"

"No, why would I?" I wasn't friends with any of her followers.

"Everybody is coming to the party, Meredith"

"Oh, I wasn't invited"

"Well, you're invited now"

"Ugh, thanks I guess?"

"Yeah no problem, I'll give you the details".

Why was she being so nice to me all of a sudden? It's not like she would have forgiven me that easily. After she gave me her number, she told me she would text me later tonight about the party. I walked home afterschool confused and unsure if I should go tonight.

Later that night, Victoria texted me about the party. She texted me and told me Tiffany's Address and she told me that it was a costume party, since Halloween was just in a few weeks. I should have known that this was a joke because before I could even think, I walked out the door wearing my clown costume from several years ago.

I walked up to Tiffany's house and rang the doorbell, Tiffany answered the door and smiled...too big. I looked at her outfit then back at mine. Tiffany was wearing a mini black party dress and I was wearing a polka dot clown costume with a rainbow afro. Out of all the costumes I could have chosen from I picked the most awkward one.

In sudden shock I asked Tiffany "What are you dressed as?"

Tiffany smiled and said, "Not a loser that’s for sure".

The next thing that happened was the most embarrassing moment of my life, she pulled me inside. Inside everyone was scattered around the house, the music was blasting so loud that I couldn't even think straight. Everyone was holding red plastic cups filled with alcohol. People were socializing and gossiping about random things. Out of nowhere Victoria and the rest of her group were standing in front of me.

"What are you supposed to be dressed up as?" Victoria asked me with a smirk on her face.

"I-I thought this was a costume party, so I dressed up as a clown". I said my voice shaky.

"So you dressed up as yourself? You're always a clown Meredith and definitely not the funny kind".

All of a sudden she threw her drink at me, "Get lost whore".

I ran out of that house so fast. My eyes started to tear up. Soon enough my tears started pouring down my cheeks. I should have never come here, I thought to myself. I should have known that Victoria would never have let go of what happened last summer. She definitely would not give up so easily.

When I got home, I locked myself in my room. I heard my parents arguing downstairs.

"Jim, she's upset, I saw her crying when she got home" I heard my mother say.

"Mary, she's probably crying over some boy that rejected her, don’t bug her and let her cry it out" my dad said with no concern.

"No, I think this is more serious, she needs comfort" she spoke back

"Well I'm not going to comfort her if she's crying over some dumb guy" my dad said with a harsh voice.

"Jim, you're being a real asshole right now, she's your daughter and you comfort her no matter what."

"Whatever" he grumbled.

I heard the fridge door open, then slam shut, followed by the sound of a beer can opening. I forgot to mention that my father is an alcoholic and is almost drunk all the time. My mother has two jobs because my father is lazy and doesn't go to work most of the time. My mother is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. She's usually busy, but tonight was different.

I heard my door creak open.

"Hey Meredith, are you ok honey?"

"No, go away" I yelled tears rolling down my cheeks.

"What happened Mere-Bear?"

"Nothing, I don't want to talk about it"

"Okay, if you need anything I'll be downstairs in the office finishing up my documents for work."

Under my breath I muttered,

"I just want it to end".

It's ok it'll be over soon. I'll get rid of Victoria, once and for all.

That Monday morning, I walked over to Victoria and her friends.

"Hey Clown", she said then laughed along with her friends.

"It's ok Victoria, I won't be seeing you around anymore."

"Good, you make me want to punch you every time I see your face."

"Well Victoria, today is your lucky day..."

I opened my backpack and I pulled out my father's gun that he keeps in the office desk just in case someone breaks in. I opened it, put two bullets in and then closed it again.

Victoria started screaming hysterically.

"Meredith, don't shoot me I'm sorry!" She screamed tears running down her face.

"You think I'm going to shoot you?" I laughed.

"Aren't you?" Victoria said with confusion.

I put the gun to my forehead, my finger on the trigger.

"I'm going to kill myself" I said.

I looked at Victoria and her goons one last time. Looked at my surroundings and pulled the trigger. My life fading away before Victoria.


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