Abraham, the founder of Judaism.
  • Abraham was the founder of Judaism in Israel.
  • Judaism and Christianity both have many things in common but two of them are: Neither of them believe in Muhammad and they both accept Abraham and Moses.
  • The holy book of Judaism is the Torah, which is the first five books from the Old Testament.
The Old Testament.
  • Their place of worship is called a synagogue.
  • Judaism's leader of the synagogue is a Rabbi.
  • The branches of Judaism are: Orthodox Judaism, Conservative Judaism, Reform Judaism, Re-constructionist Judaism and Secular-Humanist Judaism.
  • Several of Judaism's celebrations/holidays are: Festival of Lights, Feast of Booths, Fast of Gedalia, The New Month and The Sabbath.
The festival of Lights, or well known as Hanukkah.

By: Maya Garcia and Katelynne Rostis B4

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