Meet our Latino Artist Access Program participants! Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center

Latino Artist Access Program

The Latino Artist Access Program (LAAP) provides Latinx artists from all artistic disciplines the space and community to share their work with the public. Space can be used for rehearsals, performances, workshops or to create small-scale works of art. The ESB-MACC is proud to promote the events and programs of these talented artists.

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A'lante Flamenco Ensemble

Since 2011, A’lante Flamenco Ensemble has embarked on the mission of introducing audiences to both traditional and contemporary flamenco music and dance. The 11-member ensemble transcends culture, race and language through their thought-provoking and engaging performances.

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AZTLAN Dance Company

Founded in 1974, the AZTLAN Dance Company is guided by their unyielding mission to establish a stable and conducive environment for creating, preserving, and presenting dance that inspires and reflects the community they serve. Promoting greater intercultural, cross-generational understanding and appreciation of Indo/Xicano/Latino dance to celebrate American cultural diversity is vital to their mission. AZTLAN creates dance in the present, that imagines a future informed by the past.

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Biliteracy Club Communities of Austin (BoCCa) provides transformative learning spaces that support biliteracy and multiculturalism in creative and innovative ways. BoCCa focuses on a storytelling approach based on Latin American cultural heritage that embraces their linguistically diverse voices and highlights them through the performing arts and the use of digital media.

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Chamacos Dance Company

Founders Aurelio Planes Rodriguez and Inna Grudtcina cater a unique experience that preserves and promotes Cuban contemporary dance and Latin culture. Chamacos Dance Company blends dance, theater and multimedia that pulls audiences into another world.

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Edgar Yepez

Edgar Yepez is a dance instructor and founder of “Oaxaca, arte en movimento” and “Ballet Folklórico de Austin,” both organizations promote the richness of Mexican culture, especially his native Oaxaca. For Yepez, tradition is forever intertwined with language and art.

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Erica Saucedo

Erica Saucedo is a choreographer and dance artist, currently pursuing a M.F.A in Dance and Social Justice at The University of Texas at Austin. Saucedo’s performances focus on storytelling that creates connection: to self, to community, and beyond.

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Having performed for sold out crowds all over Austin and San Antonio, !Escándalo! has mastered the art of improv with their hilariously unscripted novellas and sketches. Each !Escándalo! show is an original story that literally unfolds before the audience’s very eyes.

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Fisterra utilizes art to inspire and revitalize people and communities. Through collaboration with artists, scientists, psychologists and multimedia experts, Fisterra promotes social and personal well-being using art as the catalyst for change.

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Javier Jara

Javier Jara is an Austin based singer-songwriter, arranger, composer and music instructor from Cuenca, Ecuador. True to his roots, Jara has performed and produced several concerts featuring the wealth and diversity of the music of Latin America, from the Rio Grande to the Tierra del Fuego.

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Mauricio Callejas

Mauricio Callejas is a singer-songwriter, producer and performing artist from El Salvador. He produces a weekly radio program that is broadcast from radio stations around the world and is the founder of the first songwriter directory of Central America. Callejas has produced 5 studio albums, using inspiration gained from his own experiences and daily life.

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Monique Dache

Monique Dache is a singer, performing artist, influencer and founder of Artistic Education Company, a program that focuses on performing arts education for youth. The Berklee College Alumni believes that the performing arts is relevant and essential for a child’s complete education.

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Proyecto Teatro

Proyecto Teatro isn’t merely a theater company, but a social project seeking to remove the language barriers in theater. Through their captivating performances, Proyecto Teatro provides a platform for the voice and perspective of the Latinx community.

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Teatro Vivo

Teatro Vivo makes Latino-based, bilingual theatrical experiences accessible to all audiences, especially culturally underserved community members. By telling the Latino story and addressing critical social issues, the company celebrates the vibrancy of Latino culture and the power of the human experience.

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Photos courtesy of: Ulises Garcia, Chamacos Dance Company, Edgar Yepez, Erica Saucedo, and Fisterra.

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