Tattoos on the Heart By: Campbell werner

Chapter 2 Dis-Grace. This story is about Lula. Lula is not a very smart home boy but he is very kind. One day he walks into Father Gregs office with his report card. He does poorly in school so Father G was suprized when he saw that in his hand. He glanced at it and saw all F's so he was a little confused. He looked around the entire report card for something to praise Lula about. He came across a 0 it meant 0 absences. He was so proud of Lula.
I think chapter 2 reminds us to be grateful for what we have.
Ch.3 Compassion. This story is about Betito. Betito is a young homeboy who had an unfortunate ending to his story. One day he was playing with his cousin and a van pulls up with 2 gang members. They start shooting and hit one guy. Everyone is running, but Betito sands and freezes where he is. Because he did this they shot him in the shoulder. The doctors couldn't save him.
I think chapter 3 reminds us to care for one another.
Ch.4 Water, Oil, Flame. This story is about George. George wants to be baptized. On the night before his baptism his brother was walking and these gang members crept up on him and shot him. He was killed instantly. His pregnant wife ran out and sobbed over his dead body. The day of the baptism came and George, having no idea of his brothers death, came to church gleefully and was ready to be baptized. Father G new about his brothers death and told George after the baptism. Both were so sad.
I think chapter 3 reminds us to not take anything for granted.

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