1: Be a 20 times WWE Champion

It's always been one of my dreams to hold the WWE Championship ever since I watched the wwe

2: Be at the top of the leader board in Clash of Clans

Even though it says clan I meant player but its the same thing cause I also want a top clan too

3.Be a Legend League Player in Clash of Clans

Since legend came out in CoC I have dreamed of getting to legend I been playing for over 3 years now I'm close to almost legend I'm a town hall 9 I'm so close I dreamed of this all my life and when I reach in number one in the leaderboards I will cry and send screenshots to everyone I know

4. Become a successful businessman

I want to be in a company and have a lot of money and power in my life

5. To have a Mansion one day

I want a mansion so I can bring my mom happiness she always dreamed of having a big house and I wanna make her dream come true also for my dad so he won't need to work for it I will

6. To be Able To Fly

I want to fly in the sky but not on plane or anything like that I wanna fly like how a bird flies I always dreamed of seeing the world from above I feel like crying because it's always been my number on thing to do

7. Enter a Cycling Race and Win

Reasons for being in a race are because I always dreamed of winning in a race that involves skill in stamina and in the power of your feet .

8. I wanna travel to beautiful amazing places

This place is beautiful if I one day go to a place like this I lay down under that tree and fall asleep and also look at the beautiful sky

9. Go explore the sea

The sea is unique and beautiful your ganna be able to see many beautiful things in the beautiful sea it amazing

10.Make my Own Youtube Channel a Successful One

I wanna do a lot of things on my future channel like pranks, gaming, also to get sponsored by a gaming a good company

11. Be in the leader boards of Btd Battles

Like clash of clans i also love btd its epic especially banaza to me this is one of the best games

12. Be a talented cook

I qanna cool something delicous for my family so they can see that i do have skills

13. Be a inventor

I wanna invite something epic like a jetpack that actually works or something that can make you invisible or a solution to global warming

14. Become president of Mexico

I believe I can make Mexico a better place to live and also increase the value of the peso also to get rid of high inflation also the get rid of the horrible fraud and corruption that is in Mexico

15. Be in a zombie apocalypse

To me this would be epic not the dieing though but shooting at them and killing them all

16. To plant more trees around the world

Trees are epic they make breathable air and also are one reason theres a ecosystem trees to me are beautiful and unique

17. To have a Nickname that is El Numero Uno or the King of Kings

18. Sky Diving

Feel the cool air will probably be the best feeling in the world

19. Make a scientific discovery that revolutionizes the laws of physics


20. Go to every forest and test my survival skills


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