Abortion Rights By: Vivian Nguyen

Abortion Rights

Racial Divide

Many women getting an abortion get judged for their choices because of the race they are. Some of those women get told by their doctors to limit the size of their family by using contraceptives. Women of color thinking of abortion are judged because their choice plus the fact that they are in a stereotypical group of making a lot of babies.

Right For Abortion

Women have the right to an abortion and people are taking it away from them. Clinics are being shut down, leading to illegal abortions, some causing life-long injury to the woman's body.

Pregnancy Doctor (OB-GYN)

Help Women With Their Options

Some women do not know if they should get an abortion or not, depending on their situation. Their OB-GYN can guide them through the steps, showing all the options they can make for making the right choice of what they want to do with their child. For abortions, doctors give two options; a medically inducing pill for miscarriage (women less than 9 weeks into pregnancy) or a surgical removal of the embryo.

More Than Just Killing Babies

Abortion doctors are often labeled as baby killers and people are mislead from what they do. Doctors do abortions to help the mother out with her decision. They care about what the woman wants to do and is an automatic support system.

Karen Hildebrand

Helped Women in Need

Karen Hildebrand was one of the CEO of planned parenthood in west Texas and she wanted to help women who wanted an abortion, but could not afford it. In Midland, Odessa, she made a clinic to help women with that is ineligible to Medicaid or able to go to a private doctor.

Why Karen Still Did It

Karen had a lot of hate and death threats, but yet, she still continued to do abortions. Abortion after abortion, the most women thank her because of what she did. The thankful women were happy because the baby was either from forced sex or non-ability to have a child at that time.


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