FITT and SAID BY:Amrita 8F


F- The F in FITT means frequency. Frequency means how many times you do something. A great way a grade 8 student can incorporate frequency is by planning out what, where, and when they would like to start a physical routine schedule.

I- The I in FITT means intensity. Intensity means how much effort you put into doing something. A grade 8 student can go run a lap at least 4-5 times a week. By doing this their level of doing physical activity will increase in no time because they will get stronger and stronger.

T- The T in FITT means time. Time basically means how much time you take out to do these physical exercises. A grade 8 can take out 1 hour of their day to go to an exercise park and another half hour to jog or walk in the evening.

T- The other T in FITT means type. Type means what specific physical activity are you doing. A grade 8 can choose what specific activity or activities they wish to do, such as go to the park, go for a jog and walk, and even do both or more.


S- The S in SAID means specific. Specific means a certain type of exercise such as running, or training on treadmill. A specific exercise for a great 8 could be playing soccer for 1 hour daily or going on a walk with family or friends.

A- The A in SAID means adaptation. Adaptation means when someone gets used to a something, such as going for a quick jog everyday. A grade 8 student can go for a physical exercise and adapt to it.

I-The I in SAID is Imposed means to force something that you need to do. A grade 8 student can run or jog a lap at least once daily and if they continue to do it they will be forced to do it everyday.

D- The D in SAID means Demand. Demand means to make yourself do something that is helpful and healthy for your physical life. A grade 8 student can demand themselves to go to an exercise park and exercise for an hour.

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