US. Constitution the PRINCIPLES


The constitution was written based on the rules of the people. the beliefs of the people. the basics of human life. how every human becomes the american they want to be. It was written for the people to express there freedoms and there rights of the american people. It was written on September 17 1787. By the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. Which was where it was written for the people to have the rights they deserve.

popular sovereignty:

"We The People" what does that mean honestly? First it means that us the people ya you, have the tight to change the way the wrold is working right now. The major decisions are the way we vote on and make them laws for either the whole country or even state. but your voice and vote acting has a bigger meaning than you think. second in the premable it says we the people so our vote matters even if we try to make a perfect union in this world and fix all the wrong

limited government:

Limited government describes how the government cannot be above the law. First off that's great, isn't it that basically shows that the government can not over power us in anyway like in article 1 section 9 clause 7 states that limits distributions of currency. so not everything can be distributed and separated thru out all the country's so like if something that a baby toy and has lead we wont take it into our country to keep children safe.

Separation of powers:

First what is separation of powers? Well in article 1 section 4 and clause 1 states that is how the law is either created or denied and it shows how the process of law can be formed like that they have to go to the house of republicans then to the senate and they both have to be accepted. if not the law can not be formed or created and goes back and has to be rewritten and sent thru the whole process all over again. Second of separations of powers is that ONLY congress can raise money for the laws. no president can make or set up a way to earn money for the laws.


Federalism is the way everyone gets one republican for every state. in article 4 section 4 clause 1 in the constitution it states that every states gets a republic form of government in there state. federalism shows that it divides into 4 to make sure everyone is "equal" in a sense and to make sure everyone felt like they had a voice.

checks and balances:

First checks and balances evens out the powers of everyone. so like in a pie everyone gets and equal piece of the pie. so like if there a law that fair for half the country an the other country its not the checks and balances would veto the law. veto which means that they cancel and do not approve the law and send it back to be rewritten to make it fair for all. Like in article 2 section 7 clause 2 the president can also veto a law that he doesn't like even though everyone else voted for the law if he doesn't like it , it does not pass. Also they can also impeached the president if he does commit a crime or votes to many laws with out an actual reason. so he can be thrown out of office and vice president becomes the new president.

representative government:

Representative Government is basically on the people can vote for who they want as a president or senate or even major. they vote on how they want someone to resent them and do the problems that they want fixed and resolved and they want change. so they hold elections to vote for the people they want to resent them and they voted on one law in article 1 section 2 clause 1 they said that members are chosen every second year by the people. so if they liked him the first year they reelect him or her the second year in office.

quick quiz:

1. what principle was the most important? and why?

2.create a power pie for the 6 principles to indicate or show which principle has more power?

3. true of false the principle of separation of powers talks about vetoing a law? if false which principle talks about vetoing a law?

4. which principle talks about how a law comes about or denied?

5. what date and where was the constitutions formed and become about?

6. summarize in your own words limited government?


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