Heliex Power A scottish enterprise recognised for an environmental product

Business Overview

Heliex Power is based in East Kilbride, Scotland.

The organisation was set up by Professor Dan Wright, a natural born engineer, using technology he investigated whilst working for Howden Compressors in Glasgow. (Heliex Power, 2015)

The idea behind the organisation is to harvest wasted 'low-temperature' steam which when previously used would corrode wind turbines and key components to the machinery (Heliex Power, 2015)

Sustainable Business

Heliex Power has been recognised for the Vibes 'Environmental Product or Service' award category and have a sustainable business model in practice. The organisation employs around 30 people and is based in East Kilbride, Scotland.

In 1995, the founder of Heliex Power raised funds to buyout the shareholders of Leyland DAF, saving 450 jobs. Within a year he had taken the organisation from a failing company to a company with £85 million in turnover and a £3 million profit (Helix Power, 2015)

In 2016, the organisation again achieved profits of £3 million with total investment from BP, Scottish Investment Bank and Greencoat to £16.2 million to date (Scotsman, 2016)

Heliex Power completed a recent manufacturing contract, which saved the client £175,000 per year, making the payback for the expensive equipment just a short period of 2.5 Years. (Heliex Power, 2015) This short payback period has encouraged many new clients to approach Heliex Power.

The small company shipped 30 products last year across the world including countries such as Austria, Switzerland and Ireland and operate a turbine at the Royal Alexandria Hospital in Paisley, Scotland (Scotsman, 2016)

Sustainable Social Aspects

The organisation has worked with many business over their short history to ensure that the clients can dramatically reduce their waste output and in return, produce more energy.

The small company is lead by the main engineer, and with 30 employees, there is a small 'family feel' to the staff within the organisation. Through a study conducted by Wharton University of Pennsylvania, it was shown that employees of a small organisation are more productive and report high levels of satisfaction within their role (Harvard Business Review, 2014)

The Scottish based company has worked with local companies to ensure they can reduce their waste and in turn, reduces their costs. Heliex Power has worked with the Royal Alexandria Hospital and are now working with Scottish Whiskey distilleries to help them meet their targets of 'no waste to landfill' by 2020 (Heliex Power, 2016)

Environmental Sustainability

Through Heliex Power's developed systems, many organisations are saving money and energy on waste and steam output.

Original Engineer, Professor Dan Wright said "more than 40,000 gigawatt hours of steam are lost globally" and that "50 percent of industrial energy usage is eventually released as waste heat [which is] enough to power 28 billion homes" (Scotsman, 2016)

The work that Dan and his team are carrying out, is seen to be the most innovate approach within the industry to help reduce not only their own waste, but other corporations around the globe's waste output and therefore are environmentally sustainable within todays markets.


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