This page has been created by Tom Mussoline and his daughter Rose, to help you with the initial setup of your iPad and to become familiar with Google Classroom. Your daughter or son will need to download Google Classroom and also join a class. Please watch all videos and follow the steps with your daughter or son very carefully.
3th Grade Parents - Now would be a great time to remove all games and other apps that are not required for school purposes that were download this summer. This will improve the performance of the iPad and also free up necessary space used to store files for school related projects.

Family-Owned iPad in Third Through Fifth Grade Parent cost is approximately $530. Projected life span of the iPad is three years. Therefore, the cost of the device is approximately $176/year. This approximation is based on iPad ($329.00), AppleCare ($100.00) and USM Technology Fee ($100.00) which covers the cost of volume apps + misc. costs.

iPad Requirements for 17-18 School Year - You may choose any of the following iPads for your 3rd grader:

All devices must be at least 32GB!


If you have questions, please contact Tom Mussoline

at 414.540.3247




Step 1

Setup your iPad!

Please follow the video below. This video will assist you in setting up your iPad for the first time.

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Please make sure that you (as the parent) set up a family Apple ID with a password that you and your child can remember.
  2. Please use your (the parent) birthday when setting up the newly created Apple ID.
  3. When asked to enter your credit card information, please select the option that states NONE. This will then keep your credit card from being inadvertently charged.

Newly Purchased iPad Setup

Using a Sibling or another family member's iPad...

Step 2

Google Classroom Sign In

If your child has forgotten his or her Google Apps password, please email tmussoline@usmk12.org.

Please follow Rose's video below. This video will assist you in setting up the Google Classroom app. This Google Classroom contains all the necessary information that will keep both you and your child up to speed on all things iPad.

Step 3

Downloading Free Apps with Rose

After you join Google Classroom, please complete the first assignment on that class page. Rose will show you how to complete it in the video below. Please take your time and pause and restart the video whenever you need.

Step 4

Downloading Apps from the App Store with Redemption Codes! - Get EXCITED!

Step 5

Setting Up Restrictions on iPad

Thank you for your time and attention! It is very important that both of these videos are followed and setup correctly before the start of school in August.

iPad Practical Tips


Asking permission to use the device should be mandatory. Even if it is for homework.

Location of Device

A Good rule of thumb is to always have it in site when kids are using the device. Do not allow your child to take it into their bedroom, bathroom, or any other unsupervised areas.

Establish Good Habits Early

Kids need guidelines and rules about what is a good amount of time to spend on the computer. Allocating computer time in 15- or 30-minute increments gives you a chance to check in and suggest that it’s time for a break.

Set Expectations

Regularly share your expectations with your child about accessing only appropriate sites and content, as well as being a good person when online (even when parents aren’t watching). Outside of school, it is likely that your child has already been confronted with multiple opportunities to access content that parents wouldn’t approve. Understand that your child’s use of many technologies (such as iPods, Kindle’s, or video game systems) likely gives your child the ability to connect to unfiltered public wireless networks. Therefore, it is important to maintain regular, open dialog about Internet use and access. Discuss your expectation for appropriate use and behavior.

Think About Ownership

Deciding who the device “belongs” to can help head off problems, foster a sense of responsibility, and provide a basis for accountability. Is it Mom’s and/or Dad’s device that the kids can use? Is it owned by the family collectively but managed by the parents? Does it belong to a specific child?

Stress Homework Before Computer Work

Make sure your kids know that homework must be finished before they use the device for recreational use.

Limit Multitasking

Media multitasking is when kids are watching TV, playing a game/on-line activities, or listening to music – and trying to do homework at the same time. It’s not really known what affect this has on how kids learn, but experts do know that it takes longer to do tasks like homework when other activities are going on at the same time. And that increases daily screen time.

Digital Citizenship Resources

2016/2017 Responsible Use Policy for all Middle Schoolers here at USM.

Please check back often for updates from

Rose and Tom.

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Tom Mussoline

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