Portfolio Adrian Saravia

This project was our final assignment of the semester. To me it was very challenging to recreate Donald Duck using Illustrator. As you can see I made some mistakes, but i finished it. We had to use the pen tool to trace our character that we had picked.
In this assignment we had to restore the picture and make it look like we made our very own art piece. I chose a cat as you can see already. To me I enjoyed this assignment because of how the end product looked like.
I enjoyed this assignment because it was like if i had gone back in time to when i was a little kid coloring in a coloring book. We were suppose to color in the characters and whatever was necessary to color.
Here we turned a picture in the day time to night to show what colors display after the fireworks. This was a fun assignment and we had to make the right color display on the building
This assignment was really fun because we were able to create our own haunted house. Without instructions to do this it would have been really tough to make this. We also had to choose a background to fit the setting of the assignment.

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