Core Values Evan MacKillop

Pat Tillman's core values are honor, freewill, and dedication.

Honor I believe is a value that Tillman has. Tillman honor his country and when 9/11 happened he felt like he need to go out, and fight for what he believed was right.

Freewill i believe is a value that Tillman stood by. Tillman had to make the choice of having an easy life playing football, or a harder life fighting in the war. Some people expected him to take the easy way, he made the decision to go and fight.

Pat was dedicated to football and believed what ever he chose to do to go 100%. In football he went against everybody's negativity, and became a pro

My core values are Responsibilities, work, honesty, freewill, and Relationships.

I believe it is good to have responsibilities even as a teenager. Responsibility will help in life, if people never learn they may not have a easy life.

I work to have money mostly to have fun and pay my phone and my car. Without my job it would be a lot harder to see my friends. Having a job and knowing that one has to work for what one has is great.

Honesty is one of my core value because I hate making people not trust me the first time I say something.

Freewill is another core value because if I don't like what I'm doing I like to get rid of it and make it better. I played football in high school and liked when I played but hated when didn't get in the game. Instead of playing this year I worked and had fun with friends.

Having good friends and good relationships with family is one of my core values.

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