Giant Panda by jack tillotson

The common name for them is the giant panda but the sientific name is Ailuropoda melanoleuca

One of the main reasons the Giant Panda has become extinct is because of habitat destruction. January 23rd 1984

This is what the Giant Panda looks like
Piant Panda's primarily live in centrel China

Some of the main threats for Giant Panda's are habitat destruction, poaching, a low reproductive rate and bamboo flowering.

The Giant Panda population was 1,864 on February 27, 2015 but the current population is increasing, because it is a vulnerable species people have stopped the threatening behavior.

The habitat of the Giant Panda is in the mountainous regens of central china bamboo forests

Giant Pandas usually trevel alone unless they have a cub.

The WWF is creating new reserves and linking existing panda population together. The Chinese goverment is in partnership with them and they are re habilitating there habitats and they have placed laws against poaching.,,

Created By
Jack Tillotson


Created with images by Kooroshication - "kung Fu Panda" • George Lu - "Panda" • gill_penney - "Chengdu Panda" • mozzercork - "panda" • xuhulk - "IMG_3677"

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