Reform Movements abel delgado-Jalen harrison-period 4

He was a leading transcendentalist and he advocated that people challenge laws they considered unjust by refusing to obey them.And this was known as disobedience.American essayist, poet, and practical philosopher, Henry David Thoreau was a New England Transcendentalist and author of the book Walden. ... Henry David Thoreau was born on July 12, 1817, in Concord, Massachusetts. He began writing nature poetry in the 1840s, with poet Ralph Waldo ...

Abolitionist-U.S Promise to promote "liberty and equality for all and it ended slavery.southerners who did not own any slaves defended the institution of slavery.while abolishing minority even in the north.

The World Antislavery convention wasn't able to speak about slavery. At the time there was no laws against women being abuse by their York passed laws allowing women to property and wages.

ns are institutions in which persons convicted of criminal offenses are detained as punishment. Their penal raison d'être distinguishes them from other asylums, yet they share common characteristics with many familiar facilities.

political influence to press the government to enact alcohol laws to regulate the availability of alcohol or even its complete prohibition.And it means restraint and moderation.And it first appeared occurring in the U.S in the 1900's. What it does it argues with the outlaw with the U.S

An education is properly for kids to learn lessons and the education things that they will learn in life or they are properly giving them a heads up from r what's coming up in life.the citizens of Massachusetts voted to pay taxes to build better schools too!


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